LDS Vineyard / Grape Harvest 2016 (Available in 4K & 1080p Resolutions)

LDS Vineyard / Grape Harvest 2016 (Available in 4K & 1080p Resolutions)

Hi, I'm working on a mini-documentary about the vineyard. Can I get your email?
Because of Jesus we are blessed by family love is that one day we will be with our heavenly father and his son by the power of the Holy Ghost Christ was born to earthly mother virgin Mary and Joseph took care of them in Egypt. I pray we see a Temple in Israel the city of David Jerusalem were Christ was born.
What kind of sorcery is this!! Wow this is beautiful really hope i will do some work in a place like this, one day.
wow,,such an amazing wonderful and beautiful project,,,,,wish all the people be under the protection of God and love or jesus,
respect from Iran to all of you dear christian brothers and sister,,,God bless all of you,
nice job!
thank you so much for making this! what an amazing project this is.
What arrangement is this?

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