LDS Food Storage Haul + Food Storage Tips

LDS Food Storage Haul + Food Storage Tips

Put your cardboard boxes up on something to keep them off the floor a couple of inches...that is, unless you never mop the floor or spill anything. It helps with air circulation too.
Date your can when you first use it, that way when it's empty, you know how long it can last. I am mormon and have an extensive food pantry. It's hard to keep track, so I suggest you get into the habit of marking everything with the expiration date in large, easy to read print.
If ur hungry enough sardines will taste like steak
Good to know about the refried beans. I bought a case. Good source protein. Good review.
First of all, thank you for your video.
I don't think the refried beans last 30 years, do they??
Have several ways to use potato flakes, some from online: Buttery Potato Soup Mix, Potato Soup Mix, crispy fish coating, gnocchi, to thicken soups, in making flour tortillas, potato bread or rolls, CocoNOT Cookies (found it online), in hawaiin rolls, soft wrap bread. I did try a potato souffle but didn't like it as well as was hoping.

Using macaroni: creamy homemade mac n' cheese, Tuna-Mac Salad, tuna/sweet relish/miracle whip/cooked macaroni salad, baked mac n' cheese, mac/ground beef/onion/tomatoes bake or skillet. I also use it when making alfredo, and a sort of lasagna made with macaroni that we call 'quisagna' because it's quicker.
(I use macaroni instead of spaghetti as my storage pasta to make with spaghetti sauce, as I find since the spaghetti being thin, it doesn't cook up as well as the macaroni after being stored unopened in the #10 cans for a long time)

Also, I suggest everyone learn to make their own noodles..........very easy and very delish.

We make lots of main dishes from dried beans way beyond chili, but I also use green lentils stored in the #10 cans (I don't know if they still let people borrow a portable canner for that, but that's how we did it). our favorite is: lentil tacos, they are fantastic!!!

I make our own cream soup mix from dried milk....I call it 'cream soup in a jar' because we put the dry ingredients into a pint jar and when need, add the water, tighten lid, shake well until smooth, then cook it......easy peasy!!

We make homemade pizza crust in a gallon zip loc.......sooo simple, and just let it raise right in the bag.

Hope some of these help others.
So can you just order on line . Do they ship?
Hi, I've got a really quick, cheap and easy recipe for the elbow macaroni, if you are interested just reply
When you use a number 10 can and know it will not be used up quickly, but over 2-3 months like the flakes, do you just use one of the number 10 plastic kids after opening them to keep them fresh?
I didn't get what food storage was about when I was LDS. I'm no longer. I don't fit in anymore, I got a divorce. Anyways, I have a stocked cupboard. I have some other preps too. I'm in a similar situation, only I have less room than you. I live in a studio apartment, with limited space. Thank you for sharing this video. Newbies should all watch this. By the way I tried to stay in the church as long as possible (10 years), I was a convert at age 17 and 1/2. My parents gave me permission to join. (That's my story). So I know a lot about Mormons. And I still have a large print edition of the triple, it was a gift, and I will always keep it. I'm considering buying a large print edition of the Bible from the LDS store online. I'm farsighted, and reading is hard for me, in the regular size I can't really read. I have reading glasses that help a little.
I have LDS food and I believe that they are good. I have a suggestion that I believe is worth saying if I may....get yourself one or two grain grinders. You can put rice, dried beans, dried lentils, cereal, etc, into the grinder making like a flour. You can use it for patties or porridge. I bring this up for if the grid is down water and heating sources will be a problem. Love ya!
Just as a quick reminder, each LDS cannery can close its retail locations to non-members, pending on supply.
Once you open the can how do you keep the rest of what's in it fresh?
tyfs. there aren't any near me but i might try on line. once you open the cans can you store the remainder in storage containers?
I'm really excited to see your apartment tour. we live in a smaller home and I love seeing other people's organizing tips for small homes/apartments
I love this! I live in Canada, is this offered here?
I'm not Mormon but I've shopped there several times. The products are high quality. Planning ahead is smart.
Neat 😄
Questions, so dehydrated onions, they are in a can but they're dry?

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