Laurie is a False Teacher - Greg Laurie Harvest Crusade, Anaheim, California, August 2010

Laurie is a False Teacher - Greg Laurie Harvest Crusade, Anaheim, California, August 2010

"Jesus hates you" That's evil.
"That's retarded"
"Oh you believe there's no God? You're in a better place than they are"

This is so stupid really. These people (the ones harassing the attendees) twist the word like the devil does.
Bible also says that God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked
Is this Westboro Baptist Church or another cult? I was pretty sure Westborough had disintegrated. Real first of all it would be good if you guys knew what you were talking about but you don't
Jesus saves. These dudes dont seem to know the Bible.
It took them three years to edit this? Greg teaches out of Scripture. Duh.
These people are taking Gods word and putting their own twist to it. And Greg Laurie’s church and the people that attend are mostly the same type that will go get a bible verse tattoo, don’t attend church regularly, smokes pot and drinks Starbucks. They go to church to feel better about their sin then turn around start sinning afterwards.
Very sad these guys are not promoting the Love of God, but are modern day Pharisees”... blind guides leading the blind...” strife builders.
I know who you are you been on bus mumbling and looking in your Bible to accuse me of spreading love to a stranger on the bus and talking of Jesus love forgiveness and turning from sin it was so rude and I know I was not in the wrong
I'm so sad to see Noriah so deceived.
Unbelievable!! The division of these people! Jesus came into the world not to condemn it but to save it..pick up your cross and deny yourself and follow Me..we're to be slaves to Christ and do His commands and to be obedient to them!
We either choose life? Or we choose death.its a choice we make.sadly were making a misinterpretation and a slight misunderstanding of God's word a matter of life and death. God knows are hearts and vengeance belongs to him.just imagine how dramatically things would change if loved and prayed for are brothers and sisters
The word of God also states God is not willing that any man may perish but that all come to repentance
The word of God is clear that he'll was created for Satan and his Angels
Sounds like Calvinism to me
One of these kids said that Greg Laurie is against the will of God by saying that Greg Laurie doesn't believe in wars and 911 and replies again by saying "that God caused 911, and wars, however, later on in the video they quote the verse that says that though we are in the world we (as a whole) don't wage war but our war in spiritual) the more they lean only the law and refusing to explain in full context what the Bible talks about sin they contradict their own words talking about sin as sin is fully alive yet the Bible says it clear that the we are dead in our transpases and hat we died with Christ and in his example we also rose with him not of our own own works that any should boast, we are sinless bc by faith we follow him we can walk in a newness of heart carrying our own cross daily and when the accusser accuses us of sin we the father looks at Jesus who lives in us and can not reject us regualess of what we have done (not that we continue to run in our sinful desires) but as we continue to seek after the father he continues to complete in us as we he renews our mind from this old singular nature that wages war against us
A picture can say a thousand words but that is worthless. Let god do the judging. And stop showing up for attention!!! It’s rude to yell things you don’t educate yourself on
Repentance is key before and after salvation. these "Christians" who are saying this Jesus kills blah blah is a severe distortion of the truth with a myopic and dogmatic view of their doctrine of salvation...they have no love, they are like clanging symbols without love. they are impeding the Kingdom and don't understand "repentance". they dont see it, but they operate like a cult.
Your sign says that God caused 9/11 well let’s see about that we now have information who calls 911 evil man calls 911 OK so if you want to blame God for bid you doing evil you guys don’t understand that the act of evil is sin God is not you doing the art of Sam so you make God a sinner which that means only one thing you guys make God to be evil
If we send willfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth there is no more sacrifice for sins it is what it saying that means these people heard the truth of Jesus Christ and they didn’t believe and went back to animal sacrifice it is impossible to bring them on to repentance again that’s what that means you Christians aren’t educated in the Bible

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