Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Laurie is a False Teacher - Greg Laurie Harvest Crusade, Anaheim, California, August 2010

Laurie is a False Teacher - Greg Laurie Harvest Crusade, Anaheim, California, August 2010

I would love to see what God has to say about you doing this on the day of your judgement.
Why argue with this people that's giving them importance, when I started in my life as a born again many messages from Greg help me to keep going in very difficult times because you know that when you come to Jesus the devil won't be with arms crossed and I guess in a way this people are trying to mislead people who are in the true or are minutes from receiving Crist as their Savior they are quoting the Bible same as satan did , they are trying to confuse as they are confuse , so sad
Let's just pray these people recover from their mental illness and find the one true God in Jesus Christ
I find this very humorous lol....have any of them ever talked to greg laurie?
Laurie doesn't know how to preach in contexts. This will just fall on deaf ears. This is Laurie's preaching... Judas went out and hung himself... go out ye and do like wise. Both scriptures. Totally out of context. You don't see Laurie in this crowd of people either. He has his cronies being his mouth piece and spewing his lies.
Check out Gnostic teachings.....check out the "Holographic Universe" series here on youtube
You cannot compare Pastor Greg to Joel Osteen! There is no comparison. God has blessed Pastor Greg and me from his teachings. Don't distort the Bible, it speaks of that in Revelation.
Its easy the splinter in someone elses eye but you cant see the plank in your own eye and Greg Laurie has said that many a christian may not make it for the road is narrow its always easy to judge a person by what we say because we are not perfect with words.thats why the worldly play the word exchange game of politics and trying to outwit someone the word says to be humble and try not speak that much not even Jesus talked alot but when he did it was right what he said and it was simply said.He said to abstain from overdrawn discussions and bickering backbiting and sprrading false witness against thy brethren lying slandering etc.he said the pharisees do these things they contemplated for hours and days trying to catch our Saviour in a lie or yrying to find fault in what he said we as men are not like our Saviour and we will find fault all day long.
These people who run that church have too much money that’s all I gotta say all I need is a bible not be around all these fake people trying to be righteous people with a real relationship with god don’t need to go to a man made church they call the house of god half these guys will be on the news in 5 years all frauds I’m sure I could bet on it
Lies what Greg does best is get early Christians started on the right path. He teaches the Bible
God "Allows" evil in the world because of the hearts of men. Greg Laurie says all the time that God hates. You need to listen to his sermons when he preaches about sin.

Paul warns the church about division over quarrelsome things. It is true that the "Church" need to "know" the whole word of God but never the lost to be save. Jesus used the word in love to lead the lost out of sin, like the women at the well. She could not ever "know" ie understand the word cause she was lost. In order to begin to know the word one must "believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and he will be saved." Then, the knowing will begin.

Many can read and study the whole bible and never "know" Salvation, because they have never truly believed/put their "Faith" in Christ and repented. Look at Nicodemus, he didn't know how to be saved. I loved it when Jesus asked him, "You, don't know?!" Jesus was telling us, LOOK don't fall into the religious legalistic beliefs like Nicodemus and never be saved.

I leave you with this thought. The Thief on the cross: We don't know if he knew the word of God but what we are told in scripture is that he Knew Jesus and the Thief believed Jesus was the messiah. Jesus saw the Thief's repented believing heart. Then Jesus said, "Today you will be with me in paradise."

I've always found it fascinating that Jesus would tell us that we had "BE as a Children," if we
wanted to be in heaven with Him. For many children don't learn to read until they can understand. Jesus was telling us, it's not about understanding/knowing, it's about trust/faith.
whoever is in charge of this channel is nothing more than scaremonger.. probably jealous of Pastor Greg Laurie and doesn't read the Bible..
Wow to those who come against his children who teach the word of the Lord. O/T Psalm 105 verse 15 Saying, Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm.
laurie teaches a watered down message but these guys are not doing s good job of witnessing.
These poor people. The fact they grouped Capt. Smooth(Osteen) in the same category as Billy They're lost.
Why would people ever WASTE their time listening to them🙁🙁🙁

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