Laurie is a False Teacher - Greg Laurie Harvest Crusade, Anaheim, California, August 2010

Laurie is a False Teacher - Greg Laurie Harvest Crusade, Anaheim, California, August 2010

Your sign says that God caused 9/11 well let’s see about that we now have information who calls 911 evil man calls 911 OK so if you want to blame God for bid you doing evil you guys don’t understand that the act of evil is sin God is not you doing the art of Sam so you make God a sinner which that means only one thing you guys make God to be evil
If we send willfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth there is no more sacrifice for sins it is what it saying that means these people heard the truth of Jesus Christ and they didn’t believe and went back to animal sacrifice it is impossible to bring them on to repentance again that’s what that means you Christians aren’t educated in the Bible
OK L here’s another point that you got wrong God cannot see you as a liar because your sins were paid for God will only see you as a believer in his son have a nice day and remember grow up you immature Christians
First of all let’s get one thing straight you don’t go to hell for a lack of knowledge OK if that were the case then why preached across you go to hell because of unbelief not believing who Jesus is OK so let’s get that straight so why you guys are sitting there arguing God is up in heaven laughing at you guys wondering why you do not understand logic salvation is found in the cross of Jesus Christ OK have a nice day
Oh my goodness, these guys holding up those signs are so confused. What is there point? God doesn't send people to hell, we choose hell when we choose sin. God died for us to save us away from hell.
These protesters don't know how to answer the people attending the conference.
These guys who destroy other Christians make me sad
I can see you were very curious to know more, I don't blame you for confronting hypocrites of the mega church
Greg Laurie seems like a very good person. I guess you can never do too much for the congregation is usually wicked on the inside. But either way he is a bible expert, and I recently came to hear him speak on revelations and the powers of technology to cause a one world government.
2:30 Its one thing to say Jesus was God but to say he was "the Man god" is very metaphorical. I don't see how it supports his argument, even if he believed the bible to contain a true myth.
False teachers rebuking false teachers.
Wow, if u take so much time to prove ur point when it’s not urs to prove but His why worry. do not point Ever love ur enemy Love the people u hate. Jesus said so. Did he not. Everything will be shown to us all answers and who is right and wrong. If this is so then why worry......the Only The Only and ONLY thing that matters is ....... what would Jesus do. Words of complaint, or create confusion is no good for anyone. Check urself deny self is all He wants from us and is the hardest to do
These guys have never listen close enough to Laurie. They talk to much and do not listen very well to the people they are talking to.

And they seemed to be making fun of people they are the worst.
Protestants gonna argue and divide. Even Satan loves to quote scripture to Jesus! Jesus established his Church on Peter. The Church gave us the bible and teaches authoritatively.
Chuck Smith is a false prophet. He said the world would end in 1988. Greg is his disciple. The sinners prayer is the greatest incantation in Evangelism history. These guys make god palpable for chicks. Jesus is a man of WAR!
Talk about some cheap attention
I'm not sure which side is the person who made this video. Because this video makes the people who are saying Greg Laurie is a false teacher looks dumber. I'm sorry for my foul words. But that's just what i can see. I mean, he could have at least selected videos that they are winning their arguments. Or maybe there were none? Or this is the best they can come up with. I wish we could all just declare Jesus is the way. I mean, the guys protesting says Jesus is the only way, and the other guys agree as well, then they still argue. Like, huh? It should be like this. Guy 1: Jesus is the only way. Guy 2: Yes, Jesus is the only way. Guy 1: Amen. Guy 2: Amen. Period!!!!!!!
Man is people are a pack of legalists
Bummer missed out by one "334" viewer.

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