Laurie is a False Teacher - Greg Laurie Harvest Crusade, Anaheim, California, August 2010

Laurie is a False Teacher - Greg Laurie Harvest Crusade, Anaheim, California, August 2010

Lies what Greg does best is get early Christians started on the right path. He teaches the Bible
God "Allows" evil in the world because of the hearts of men. Greg Laurie says all the time that God hates. You need to listen to his sermons when he preaches about sin.

Paul warns the church about division over quarrelsome things. It is true that the "Church" need to "know" the whole word of God but never the lost to be save. Jesus used the word in love to lead the lost out of sin, like the women at the well. She could not ever "know" ie understand the word cause she was lost. In order to begin to know the word one must "believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and he will be saved." Then, the knowing will begin.

Many can read and study the whole bible and never "know" Salvation, because they have never truly believed/put their "Faith" in Christ and repented. Look at Nicodemus, he didn't know how to be saved. I loved it when Jesus asked him, "You, don't know?!" Jesus was telling us, LOOK don't fall into the religious legalistic beliefs like Nicodemus and never be saved.

I leave you with this thought. The Thief on the cross: We don't know if he knew the word of God but what we are told in scripture is that he Knew Jesus and the Thief believed Jesus was the messiah. Jesus saw the Thief's repented believing heart. Then Jesus said, "Today you will be with me in paradise."

I've always found it fascinating that Jesus would tell us that we had "BE as a Children," if we
wanted to be in heaven with Him. For many children don't learn to read until they can understand. Jesus was telling us, it's not about understanding/knowing, it's about trust/faith.
whoever is in charge of this channel is nothing more than scaremonger.. probably jealous of Pastor Greg Laurie and doesn't read the Bible..
Wow to those who come against his children who teach the word of the Lord. O/T Psalm 105 verse 15 Saying, Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm.
laurie teaches a watered down message but these guys are not doing s good job of witnessing.
These poor people. The fact they grouped Capt. Smooth(Osteen) in the same category as Billy They're lost.
Why would people ever WASTE their time listening to them🙁🙁🙁
Sadly these protestors try to weaponize the Bible to seem superior but sadly they fall short of understanding the entire message.
You people are so misguided
You are the ones who are false
"Jesus hates you" That's evil.
"That's retarded"
"Oh you believe there's no God? You're in a better place than they are"

This is so stupid really. These people (the ones harassing the attendees) twist the word like the devil does.
Bible also says that God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked
Is this Westboro Baptist Church or another cult? I was pretty sure Westborough had disintegrated. Real first of all it would be good if you guys knew what you were talking about but you don't
Jesus saves. These dudes dont seem to know the Bible.
It took them three years to edit this? Greg teaches out of Scripture. Duh.
These people are taking Gods word and putting their own twist to it. And Greg Laurie’s church and the people that attend are mostly the same type that will go get a bible verse tattoo, don’t attend church regularly, smokes pot and drinks Starbucks. They go to church to feel better about their sin then turn around start sinning afterwards.
Very sad these guys are not promoting the Love of God, but are modern day Pharisees”... blind guides leading the blind...” strife builders.
I know who you are you been on bus mumbling and looking in your Bible to accuse me of spreading love to a stranger on the bus and talking of Jesus love forgiveness and turning from sin it was so rude and I know I was not in the wrong

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