Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Land Use & Zoning Basics in California

Land Use & Zoning Basics in California

Almost all this zoning shite began in the 1920s. The laissez faire founders would consider these, especially single use zoning, as egregious violations of individual liberty, and freedom of association. Hamilton would consider it a problem of small government being weaker to takeover from a small special interest groups. (Detached single family house owners)Think of this when you see a working homeless person in California.
Lake county is chasing off what's left of non riff raff Pioneer families...who were their tax base.
So after a major wildfire in Lake County in a rural area I am suddenly being told I cannot park my 2017 toy hauler on MY property without a dwelling..and I use it in order to keep the lot clean per the new fire regulations as I travel between OAKLAND...Fresno....and where my legal residence and belongings burned up in the Valley Fire. I barely made it out. Code enforcement is now threatening me to place a warrant on it and ....etc etc etc. The note left on the toy hauler had no writing on it. I have kept that ... No date no signature no phone number nothing. Code enforcement did take a photo when he left it...but honestly he didn't believe me until I showed him this week. He said the last time that the county wasn't behind him being there but the so-called HOA of Anderson Springs. I almost laughed. Its a voluntary membership for $150 per year so you can swim in a dammed up part of our creek. I have never belonged since I inherited in 1991. Grandpa built the cabin between 1929 and 1936. He was born in 1881 and died in 1984. 1103 yrs old. I did not have insurance because my place was pillar and post. I received a small amt of FEMA money. This county changes rules and regulations day on and day out. When I'm only at my property a week or two per month in the cooler weather months I only occasionally hear a new problem thru the grapevine. Unfortunately new land owners may be the. People who have been pressuring code enforcement to get rid of the people who have a trailer or rv. I am dealing with environmental health dept to abandon septic which the rules keep changing but the permit has covered me keeping the trailer until suddenly after a person online passed out complaint forms to get rid of the riff raff like me. The one person who minds their own business and ALWAYS has the property neat and clean and safe! The people behind this are scaring the older pre Fire residents out. One young girl is so stressed out she has almost committed suicide. My next door neighbor left for another county after the code enforcement threatened him and threatened huge fines for excavating ....he dug a very small trench for his water line! I need somebody to help me as I am juggling way too many bombs at one time and my disability for my memory loss problems ended.... suddenly ended! I am having no luck finding any affordable alternative housing or safe storage for my toy hauler. I do not have a pick up truck either. So far everything has been done by me ...and I'm 61 years old and female. I was married for 30 yrs but have unfortunately had to learn how to do generator work and basics. Now I'm working on learning how to measure to concrete or find an option for filling in the old septic that was emptied the week before the fire. I remember the expense was nearly $700 after being quoted $500. Cash only! Well any help would be really appreciated! Thanks. Guess I am still lucky be alive anyway!
Thank you, Charlie, for this thorough presentation. You are doing good work for the community.
Do you have a direct download for that powerpoint?
Thank u for posting this. Let the speaker know that info was helpful
I appreciate the video
Zoning laws are Soviet-style government control over land use. In the USA, you pay "rent" in the form of property taxes to the government. You do NOT own your land or house, etc. It's a sham. Ownership without control is a contradiction.

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