Land reform without expropriation - Terry Markman, Leon Louw, Perry Feldman

Land reform without expropriation - Terry Markman, Leon Louw, Perry Feldman

Criminals European settlers are liars they're satanic from the beginning of times and will be till the end of times.
All these civilized people having to deal with people who have no concept of proper behavior.
More whites talking bullshit! Why did you all bring European culture to Africa? If you wanted European culture why didn't you just stay in Europe? Why come to Africa causing trouble when you could have just stayed in eutope?

Capitalism has failed every place it's been tried! These countries all end up in debt they can never repay. Look at America; it owes the Chinese and will never be able to repay! So why isnt America a third world country? Because it lives on borrowed money it can never repay! If the banks were to suddenly call that debt, within a year America would be a third world country!
Leon Louw is absolutely right. The practice of withholding title is practicing Apartheid where it matters most. It is shocking that the ANC hasn't reversed this policy, it goes to show that they don't really care. Giving title to holders of land as described is probably the most important thing to do to build South Africa and give poor South Africans dignity and prosperity. of the many awe-inspiring presentations from the FMF. I had no idea that guys like yourselves existed, only found out through my youtubing lol. Just recently watched Leon Louw on "Radical Economic Transformation", that was quite an informative presentation... Reminds me of Dr. France Cronje's presentations from the South African Institute of Race Relations.

Keep it up guys, you have my attention...

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