Land & Farm - Buyer's tip #1 "How to Buy Land"

Land & Farm - Buyer's tip #1 "How to Buy Land"

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Hi there im from uk and looking to get a guge loan to buy small useful land to invest in animals plus permanently live on the land have u got any ideas... i have no deposit at all
Not gonna own j- house .🇯🇵😇🚓🏛️👁️👂🤒⛩️📲📱🚁🦍🐠🍢which B colonize 4 j FUCK .
I need a small piece of land in Los Ángeles !!! Can’t go homeless with 4 kids I need a small house !!
Help me to find land there. I need start Farming, my whatsapp number +258825165980
This isn't HOW TO buy land, it's simply, "things to think about when you want to buy land".
A HOW TO....would be something along the lines of, "Use LandWatch, and go to specific county, and then".....
Seriously? A commercial for your business, nothing more folks.
oh right!
Thank you for your tips. This helps a lot.
Thank you for sharing this video with us. Very informative and enlightening!
Do any forigener can buy property in Paraguay
You notice whats amazing about, human nature,? We love talking about other people's problems! We are all human, hello we all have problems! Such a waste of time! Do something positive in your life!
people stranded? people dont need land if they need to go shopping every day! Government restritions? They dont want anyone to be self sufficient but be dependent on the goverenment and raise taxes as often as they can and lower wages! we americans are more and more like our fore father's that can came across the ocean to get rid of the kings and queens tyrants! 🤢 people that want to be told what to do and what your life occupation should be! Before long the US government will tell each person what their life long occupation will be, based on their gentics! 🤢
For sale by owner, thats true america , not scammers in America!
👍Cool thx
We are trying to buy a land for almost 4 month now, but most of the realtors don't like to sell small acreage of land because there is no gain for them, I should report them all to the business of Realtors Association Bureau.
Hi, I'm seeking your help in a farm land purchase explained here-in: I'm an ordained Minister, Tax-Exempt, a Navy Veteran, once homeless while fighting for disability, which is why I run a Church mission helping people in need as the bible commands us in many of the gospels. My purpose is stated in Matthew 25:31-46 "Whatsoever you do unto the least of these my brethren, you do unto me. If you do it not unto them, you do it not unto me."  I'm also a man wearing many hats and have extensive knowledge in construction repairing and building homes for landlords and home owners doing every repair and upgrade imaginable from roof to foundation. I create jobs for those I help. I was also in the restaurant industry for well over 40 years from diners to formal exclusive restaurants feeding many rich and famous. You may know an owner that may allow us the donated use of a parcel of his/her land to start or expand this venture, which as funds are raised, we then can purchase more. What I'm seeking in land purchase: To be able to build a community within itself helping to end homelessness for our 800,000 homeless Veterans across this country starting with one site at a time. Providing job creation for them and locals using Volunteers to do things to help the mission and the Veterans that may not be able to care for themselves due to disabilities, and to do tasks to homestead as much as possible, raising livestock, farming, canning and jarring, to provide for our community as well as the volunteers and locals buying or donating, bartering with each other to sustain each other growing as a family unit. I repurpose many things and repair them too. I can repair small engines, late model cars and trucks including diesel engines. I study a lot of Nikola Tesla's work and have accomplished many of the things he's done as well as many other inventors. I need to make sure local laws will permit me to do all I need to help end homelessness for our Veterans, they gave us the freedoms we all enjoy, so why they won't permit us the things we need to do what's needed to help them would be great. I can use my VA Home Guarantee Loan program to buy my first home. If anyone wants to help us in anyway with this mission please send me an email or we can video chat using our cellphones. Look at profile picture to contact me. I edited this in because I simply forgot to mention it, I have family living in Virginia, My 2 children live in Waynesboro and Staunton as well as one of my 4 brothers who's also a Navy Veteran. Also extended family from my deceased wife's side of the family.
Good info. Lots for us to consider. Thanks for sharing!:)
I whant five acres taxes incluidos in California for a farmar rise animAls for
My left ear enjoyed this video

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