Lammas Ritual - Honoring The First Harvest

Lammas Ritual - Honoring The First Harvest

I feel so blessed to be part of your circle tonight! Manifestation of my dreams thanks
Actually, June 21st in MID-summer therefore, August 1st is the beginning of Autum
This is lovely. Thank you! Happy Lammas
Your hair is so pretty
Thank you, thank you thank you.
It isn't an accident that I have been so drawn to you.
Greetings, I just watched your video late this afternoon, and did all if not most of the rituals. You did a beautiful presentation. BTW, I am a fairly new witch here in Seattle, and I am learning a lot.. Kolibri Happy Lammas to all! and to you specially
"Awesome".Peace Love Abundance Prosperity & Joy to everyone on Gaia.Blessed Be.)0(
Much love for the online ceremony and your presence. Thank you everyone who shows up, shares good vibes and hold the space as well!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
I Am so GRATEFUL for this amazingly beautiful ceremony!
I Am Grateful to you for this
Offering to us online. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
I truly just want to let you know your voice and your vibe is so calming that I can watch you all day 💕 thank you for all these rituals that you do , it helps so much
Absolutely beautiful .... I will be printing out Vera Dery's Four Directions Prayer for my wall to look at and mediate on daily. I love your take on your family and soul tribe, and how they said 'I'll go'. You instantly feel a sense of love within. Amazing, I feel so grateful to have found your videos, and I always look forward to the next. Look forward to your book of blessings! Thank you ❤️
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!
Thanku you so much for your Lammas Ritual .I have felt for a while lost but watched this this morning and feel so much more connected and feel lighter .You are a beautiful soul and bring a beautiful light to everyone who watches u work.Thank you again ,Many Blessing x
Loved your Lammas Ritual! In Gratitude! >3
Thank you! My first time amazing you are so beautiful!
how do i find this prayer

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