1940 Laddie - Wonderful Drama! Classic Movie from the book by Gene Stratton-Porter

1940 Laddie - Wonderful Drama! Classic Movie from the book by Gene Stratton-Porter

I would have loved it if every storyline from this, one of my favourite books from my childhood, had been followed. True, it would have been a VERY LONG MOVIE, but it would have been wonderful to watch in full.
Please try to get the thin man movies. Thank you!
I love it... thanks for sharing...
They should return stolen film like this one.
not enough of great movies when people did hard work,loved their family were loyal,honest and,knew from truth and bull crap. these movies will never me made again that makes me so very sad because our nation is over with i fear. if america does not wake up. god help america again please we need you more tha ever amen
how did i miss this sweet ol classic thanks pal i loved it . your hard work makes so many happy.. hugs
Thanks for another gem mirroring family values, once again. I so love these 🎥 s from another era. Once again 💙 felt thanks for all your efforts to keep these movies relevant today !
P.S. Thank you one4allfour1 for these movies, they sure beat the movies of today!
My grandmother gave me her Gene Stratton-Porter books, I loved Freakles! it was my very favorite! I wish they would make movies like her books for today! We need it!
I think that this movie would teach little people not to be too nosey.
merci de traduire un peu en francais pour pouvoire suivre avec vous ses moment inoubliable d atan
I Thought this was a scottish movie, laddie is scottish for boy, just wondering
G-S-Porter's most famous book FRECKLES has been adapted for screen a number of times. There were some spin-offs on it as well.
I have been to the authors' home in Indiana. The Gene Station Porter Home. She was a great author. Beautiful home on a beautiful pond.
what a beautiful movie, so sweet & romantic. the little girl is such a wonderful actress. I love this movie too because it's godly, the family is so loving and humble. Thank you so much!
sweet classic
Thank you for this. I am almost done with the book, having read many other works several times over. I have taken my sweet time in her writings as to spend my life always with a "new" story I haven't read yet. Since it meet with such approval I cannot wait to see it myself.
What a lovely, sincere movie. Thank You!

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