1940 Laddie - Wonderful Drama! Classic Movie from the book by Gene Stratton-Porter

1940 Laddie - Wonderful Drama! Classic Movie from the book by Gene Stratton-Porter

how did i miss this sweet ol classic thanks pal i loved it . your hard work makes so many happy.. hugs
Thanks for another gem mirroring family values, once again. I so love these 🎥 s from another era. Once again 💙 felt thanks for all your efforts to keep these movies relevant today !
P.S. Thank you one4allfour1 for these movies, they sure beat the movies of today!
My grandmother gave me her Gene Stratton-Porter books, I loved Freakles! it was my very favorite! I wish they would make movies like her books for today! We need it!
I think that this movie would teach little people not to be too nosey.
merci de traduire un peu en francais pour pouvoire suivre avec vous ses moment inoubliable d atan
I Thought this was a scottish movie, laddie is scottish for boy, just wondering
G-S-Porter's most famous book FRECKLES has been adapted for screen a number of times. There were some spin-offs on it as well.
I have been to the authors' home in Indiana. The Gene Station Porter Home. She was a great author. Beautiful home on a beautiful pond.
what a beautiful movie, so sweet & romantic. the little girl is such a wonderful actress. I love this movie too because it's godly, the family is so loving and humble. Thank you so much!
sweet classic
Thank you for this. I am almost done with the book, having read many other works several times over. I have taken my sweet time in her writings as to spend my life always with a "new" story I haven't read yet. Since it meet with such approval I cannot wait to see it myself.
What a lovely, sincere movie. Thank You!
Heart warming movie. It gives a good rest from this days craziness.
Thank u so much for uploading this movie! This is a very meaningful story. As a uploader, you are an asset to YouTube! Good movies! Thank you! :-))
I have seen and enjoyed this before BUT thank you for providing this for us again.
I loved this movie!! Thank you so very much for uploading it ☺. I LOVE vintage (My personal style is vintage). I'm just SOOOO happy I found your channel 😊. Can't wait to see see all the other movies you got 😃. God bless!!
Thanks for posting! It was great for our whole family - from 86 year olds to my five year old son! Even the hipsters in between!
The good old days, !!

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