Korean Cosmetic Products Show and Tell Whisper + tapping | ASMR

Korean Cosmetic Products Show and Tell Whisper + tapping | ASMR

Miss u💦
픽스범 진리 최고최고
so when does the fake British accent stop?
this video is the equivalent of feet tickling for me. super sensitive at first almost want it to stop then you get used to it after a minute and it becomes super relaxing, both make me happy:)
It wasn't boring it WAS RELAXING 😍😍😴
Do an intro like: Hey guys it's Nicole lmao
Miss you :/
An account called Tactful Evergreen also uploaded this, alongside a good bit of your other videos, just FYI. Thieves be sneaky.
what color and brand nail polish are you wearing in this? I love it.
Please keep making your videos. Love them. You have a calming, soothing quality. Thank you...
Korea stole innisfree from Ireland 😑 hehe great video can you get these online?? ❤️
5 seconds in you lost me.
Hi hope you don't mind checking out my first ASMR video. Thank you.
what microphone are your using ?
By the way, great video <3
sometimes your voice sounds like popping candy >< ~ I like this video I love Korean cosmetics they're cute but work really well 
Love this video!! It puts me to sleep every night!
can you please please PLEEAASE do a video for etude house beginners makeup kit essentials? like which 10 products you would recommend for a newbie ^^
Hey smart one...ASMR!
If you guys don't like it then don't watch it

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