Kevin Hart Monologue - SNL

Kevin Hart Monologue - SNL

That would've take me 21 minutes to say...
😂😂love hart
1:39 😂😂
Kevin your funny 😄 Men
Kevin Hart is a funny dude. His story telling is great, that makes a good comedian. the faces he makes and noises also make him funny, ahhhh!!!!!!
He is fully chaged story machine..👹✌
meeein,,,same jokes he told when he filled up the stadium..its so sad...illuminati white folk had to know if it would be funny upfrot before he performed,...fak this
Anybody noticed how his voice changes. It was like horror movies voice
Looks like Fat Gordon Remsey in the backround 0:35
Of the three SNL monologues, this was the best.
Let me get my Flops
@4:12 Peter Griffin laugh
Is that... a leather shirt?
Kevin is one of the best storyteller!
Kevin hart is not funny
What was after his son?...The world may never know.
Who the fuck brings his trash in the middle of the night outside?!
"Why do you lie so much" 😂😂😂

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