Kevin Hart Monologue - SNL

Kevin Hart Monologue - SNL

His head looks huge wtf
Wow Kevin Hart so big he didn’t have to shave
I just posted this hilarious skit

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“He went bang bang, grabbed his dick and disappeared into the dark.”
What’s so funny about him seriously
is it just me that i find this stupid and not funny at all
"Alright, let me get my flops"
That shirt is fire 🔥
Dang if I seen this i wouldn't have had to go see "What Now?"
It looks like he used the same trash bag from his story to make his shirt. Great monologue btw
same jokes. I'm not laughing.
How many all in all in the end is a lesson in the end and how to say f*** you and keep on pushing LOL
Estimate evolve line finish little shortly Republican ticket potentially notion.
I've heard this story 3 other times from Kevin in other videos not to mention his stand up comedy movie.
yes serina g
The OG bang bang set
I’m about to move to the Suburbs so I can get Married so I can Cheat again lmao truly Kevin Hart style
I am “a old lady”, and a conservative one at that, and I thought this monologue was hilarious! Some people just want to complain about everything! Relax people, it was humor...and darn good humor at that.
This is funny
So I guess Kevin Hart has a special made door wher he nd th raccoon cn reach th doorknob 🤣

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