Kevin Hart Monologue - SNL

Kevin Hart Monologue - SNL

Best body comedian
Sadenly it's not my kind of humour
C'mon, West ppl. You're not srs when liking that, r u? What's fkng wrong with u if u find such trash "hilarious". Is it normal to even think of such "jokes" about son or wife got torn by puma, not to mention public stand-up? Is that what you (jokingly) heard from ur parents? Like: "hey kid, srsly, I'll dfntly stop loving ur mom if she loses part of her shoulder. Same 'bout u ))"
And "a man" as a face of "a great nation", who "wouldn't" help, "wouldn't" rescue, "wouldn't" stand by whatever happens, - wouldn't, wouldn't, wouldn't..
Err.. is it true humor?
Is there no theme left to laugh about in ur "progressive liberal society"?
Trash humor reflects trash nation.. No offense.
Wake up from this decomposition. Or some day u'll hate everything around u and inside u.
Best comedian EVER !!No one is funnier, that I know of.
Fuck you
Raccoons do have thumbs, right?
Did anyone else get that ad at the beginning of some fat queer
love that shirt
the best ever!!
** GREAT **
that sarcastic "haaaaa" at 4:13 LOLOL
Straight stand up. Why didn't they label this one as well?
[1,000th comment]
Lol 😂 kevin hart funny as fuck yall fuck de haters
Wow amazing
Do you have seen funny white people ever
I love when a comedian says true story, you're not gonna believe this, I'm not making this up
this guy suks
I didn't laugh one time!

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