Kehoe Farming: Mowing with two reverse drive tractors

Kehoe Farming: Mowing with two reverse drive tractors

Not sure about Case but Valtra has reverse Drive as a factory option. It is called Twin Trac and is not really that expensive compared to the cost of your neck when looking over your shoulder
your cvx would have problem running 2 mowers,check out Lely mowers also they take less HP, was on a fendt 818 with 2 mowers she handled them no problem even on really groumd
Are them tractors chipped r wound up cos we thinking bout my a puma cvx 210 and putting two mowers on it
Horrible year for exams lads doing the leaving missing everything!
Very nice case the other tractor looks good but not the colour haha. It would drive me insane driving back wards all day
nice vid
Very nice eamonn don't often see two reverse drives mowing in the same field
I know not many agree and to be honest I don't either. No, sometimes they are changed or a idler gear is placed on the shaft running in the gearbox to reverse the direction.
Thanks for that - it makes sense, except that not many famrers/contractors seem to agree. Oh, and what happens to the gear box? Do all the forward gears become reverse gears?
Great Job Eamonn, You've put me to Shame!!!!
ur like myself so
the reverse drive tractors make a great video hows de exams goin
It's mainly for weight distribution. With mowers on the back it makes for a more balanced tractor. Also power drive loss is a factor. With less gearboxes and shafts all available power from the tractor is running the mower. It also improves handling as all three mowers are next to each other- well nearly. It doesn't cost that much to convert. The factory usually has an option to do it (Deutz, Case IH, Valtra) and that's where iit is mostly carried out. Hope this helps
A great video, but I can't see any advantage in this arrangement. The tractors must cost a small fortune to convert to reverse drive and wouldn't normal triples do as well? There must be a reason and I'd love to know it.
Very nice Eamonn! Have you done a video of this before or did i see it on a different channel?
Great catch Eamonn. But why backwards,something different. Hendrik
great video, some great gear.

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