Kansas Cattle Ranch: America's Heartland

Kansas Cattle Ranch: America's Heartland

Continue that so cool..
Congratulacions, so beautiful ranch,and people, continuo.like that.
Black haired cattle as "superior" was (is) a gimmicky marketing ploy by Angus breeders association going back decades. The breed was losing market share to vigorous crossbreds and larger Continental cattle. Black haired cattle craze got so nutty that now the Simmenthal has bred out its red/white coloration in many bull lines to produce black haired. Same for Limousines.
Since vast majority of beef is destined for Select and Utility grade mass mkt (think fast food) ranchers might be better off with a BrangusXContinental terminal cross. Leave the small share Prime and restaurant grade mkt to dilettantes.
Just pitiful to watch black haired animals standing around panting at 10 am due to heat buildup in Texas/Oklahoma during June, July, Aug., Sept. If they aren't grazing/ruminating they aren't gaining and you aren't making money.
The description lies. Having lived in both Kansas and Colorado, I can easily say that Colorado has more cattle. In Kansas, cattle farms are few and far between. More maize and soybean farms then anything else. Hell, there are more horse owners in Kansas then there are cattle ranches.
A Brahman cross at 20 that rasies a 700 pounder and has the best sound udder that is longevity never a waist of money
The black hereford cows would look better with Brahman bulls and black cattle aren't the best for grass efficient or for traveling I am tired of the word black cattle
Just to set the record straight. I am from Hereford. Civil parish and county town of Herefordshire in England. It is pronounced 'HAIR-REF-FERD'. Not 'HER-FORD'. Herford is a town in Germany! Please Americans stop mispronouncing English words!
There easier
Australia had the angus / Hereford cross way back in the 60s maybe even earlier
Good question Jon Martens! those ATV's are damaging those rare tall grass prairie pastures far more than horses hooves would, not to mention also ATV's stress the cattle out which is a issue.
Black Herefords new? 1994? really! I grew up on a ranch in rural Oregon and we ran Herefords and Hereford/Angus crosses my whole childhood (I was born in the early 1970's) we certainly were not the only ones either all our neighboring ranches that were not sheep herders ran Hereford and black hide Herford/Angus crosses way before this Angus fad hit, also raised them 100% grass fed way before than fad hit as did everyone in our area.
Grenada should bring some cattle to Grenada
Why atv? Why not horses
a 6 month old calf in todays unbelievable cattle market can go for $600-$900.....a Mature cow with a baby calf on its side usually goes for $1500-$2000....a good bull to breed your cows can go for $2500-$3000.....Cattle prices are very good right now it is a great time to be in the cattle business....
go ostrrich ! texture and flavor of beef. virtually no fat and 3 times more protiens. i am also a beef eater but the gov. IS doing this testing and will effect all of us.

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