Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Juju Potions Guide (Make 2m in 5 min)

Juju Potions Guide (Make 2m in 5 min)

The difference in price for Torstols now is crazy lol
5:16 LOLLL
dat 200m farm xp...
Day #2, Video #15: Is this before RS HD? or ?
I like these old videos
Mousekeys. But you cant drop that fast now because they changed the order of the options when you right click
Alkan, answer this.... HOW THE FUCK DO YOU DROP SO FAST?
Holy shit I just clicked on this and didn't know it was you, you talk nothing like you do now :o
Back when alkan still took his meds. I miss this Alkan new one is kind of annoying
30k att pots is only 21m
alkan, what is that the wood spirit sends the log straight to your bank?
if you compare this vid to your newest ones... wow.
Holy fuck you sound 100x different.
Thnks for this :)
My max herbs i got from one run was 82, was so haps. sadly, it was Toadflax...imagine that with Torstols. profit.
go find one, there are plenty.....
your voice change :P
@ElfBosque mousekeys
@aaViCk Mouse keys is legal, Jagex has continued to confirm this for a few years now. Each click on the keyboard performs one single action, aside from the "+" and "*" keys, which double click and both left & right click simultaneously. But again, it has been confirmed that it's legal.

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