John Deere X350 mowing grass 4-5 feet tall, yes it can do it!

John Deere X350 mowing grass 4-5 feet tall, yes it can do it!

Hello Rose don't listen to none of the comments below the bad ones anyway I have that same exact lawnmower just over 500 hours I'm in the commercial business and since the day I started mowing with it I haven't looked back I haven't had to do anything to this mower but service if it goes out I will buy another one the same model you are good to go
She's an idiot.
Should you install a mulching kit and a bagger
no snakes were harmed in the making of this video lol
Wow , a cat doing what it should be doing , sweet Toyota pickup by the way you should sell it .
I have owned an x300 for over 11 years, and it is still running strong. It has over 800 hours and the 42" deck had to be replaced last year to a 48". The Kawasaki truly is a beast, and i have had no transmission problems. The X-series are true John Deere's. Honestly the D-series are an MTD with a John Deere name slapped on. The D-series are a piece of junk. Sorry to say.
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Mow it again we want to see you
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I like your little patch
Put on the highest setting mower height mow it to times have fun girl love your dog we love vergins
I just wanna give some advice the whole discharge shit is true but it's also better to go 50/50 with the blades because if your blades are full of grass it makes it harder to mow the taller shit js
I love lawn mowers
Enjoyed the video. You have a nice place and land.
Please tell me you are auditioning for an acting part. Such a childlike emotional response and voice can't possibly be natural!!
Thank you so much for making this video!! I have the same high grass as this on my new home and property which is about 7 acres. I come from living in the city my whole life so this is very new to me also. I was wondering if the x-series mowers would get through this thick stuff. Now I know that they can do it, I'll know which tractor to get this week. I love your attitude!!! Cheerful and happy is the way to be!
Let's abuse it and wonder why something fails
more shots of the bikini, please!! thank you
Make sure it shoots out into the cut grass instead of back into the long grass. It’s really hard on the gas mowers. Diesels handle it better. But still same goes with either

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