John Deere Giant RC Tractor Model 9620

John Deere Giant RC Tractor Model 9620

I will give you 1000000000000000$$$$$
I have one exactly like that one
I have one but need to fix something inside, maybe some wiring or circuit board. Not sure how to get the wheels off.
What scal is it?
dis suks.
Where can i buy one of these
Hi - How do you recharge it? I got one missing a battery door on the bottom - is that where the recharge hookup should be? and what does the recharger look like? thanks
I got the exact one and the right front set of wheels dosen't pull anymore... making it slower and chunkier I was trying to get it apart but in order to get it in part u gotta take the wheels off. I couldn't find a way. Any ideas?
Do a video please
Do you know what attaches to the hitch at the back??
Cool, I lost an actuator on this. I'll have it repaired this weekend and post the results. Thx for watching.
i had one but my seat never moved?
They're awesome, thx for watching.
how much was it sorry if im asking after you said it in the vid
Cool review but next time drive the damned thing!!!

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