john deere 8345r going through deep water

john deere 8345r going through deep water

0:40 what that sound means?
what if the air filter has drawn water?
Alter das ist ein traktor und kein u Boot
oh deep water
Dude were you floating like those monster truck vids?
most of you simple minded fucks probably don't realise this but obviously it has rained (a lot) he's more than likely running low on supplies and thats the only way he can get out, not because he wants to go for a joy ride in flood water and fuck his tractor use your brains simple cunts
Are you doing this for fun or...?
so thats te tractor i seen on craiglist. 1 owner, low hours, just washed. think ill pass...
omg I wouldn't do that with a quarter of a million dollar tractor
Ja bym się bała masakryczny like dla tej osoby co tam wsiadała
why power wash when you can drive it through small creek.
must be a rental.
U no, when I'm rolling along in a 300 thousand dollar tractor and see a river about the last thing I think of is let's drive thru it
Nothing runs like a Deere
Shit happen only in australis

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