JMR-V1000 X4 model agriculture uav crop sprayer drone teaching flight video

JMR-V1000 X4 model agriculture uav crop sprayer drone teaching flight video

Aaditya Pawar
I have you 😘😘😘😘😘😘
contact me on
Awesome bro
nice work,,sir,,,how much cost u invested for completing that project,,pls rpy
how to make
I need the schematics for that quick-release, that's the only place I'm stuck with my design.
Price. ?
No prices on your website either. No a good way to sell anything
Ola sou do Brasil
Estou querendo comprar um para fazer aplicação em pastagens,
Porem os herbicidas de pastagens são muitos caros, e as daninhas
Ficam espalhadas pelas área, não necessitando aplicar em 100% da áreas,
Mas fazer a catação nas manchas de daninhas. E possível aplicar somente onde tem as plantas daninhas? Tem sistema de GPS para não aplicar duas vezes no mesmo lugar e não deixar falhas?
Quantos litros por hectare de calda se aplica e eficiência na aplicação?
Hi Dora, please send me more information to
can it spray insecticides to roof gutters for mosquito control
hi I would appreciate any information you can send on possible corn, cotton, and peanut spraying applications. max flight time, acreage covered in specified time, load specifications (kilograms or lbs is ok) and prices of models you have available. If you have parts available for someone capable of building from scratch, please send information on that as well. Thanks for any information it is much appreciated. my email is Thanks friend, Mike in South Georgia, U.S.A.
How can I bye that drone sprayer machine in my country Iloilo Philippines
How can I bye this machine? and How much it is? my facebook account Tyna Sreng
how many hake of land can it cover?
your design is good
can we use it for mango orchard spraying with tree height more than 20mtrs

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