Jimmy the Pig

Jimmy the Pig

Scary and also! He is very funny but scary
The girls stand in scilince
If it was me
Pig:oh no I-(me:shhh Rest In Peace grabs money and leaves
He's a furry
There gold diggers...
I'm still here being attacked and tortured by a scheming Jewish immigrant refugee from the ussr... he began stalking me, obsessed with attacking and murdering white girls and women who had dated Jewish guys. He started colluding with criminals in the government who wanted to molest, control , and torture white Anglos
Wow everyone I'm feeling more and more scared and annoyed by these scheming criminal immigrants
These girls are saying you talk isn’t that crazy do you talk “no”
Its called a parrot
when I was smaller I saw smaller I saw Batman Arkham knight the professor of episode and it gave me nightmares for months I still suffer from a little but of pig phobia
Can you please do another animal prank!!?? This is the fuckin best 😂😂🤤
The funny thing is that jimmy really is a pig. I bet he gladly signed up for this after his global elite owners told him he had to.
He just talked he said "No"
1.9k vegans: awh hell. Nah😂
People nowadays and kids only care about money XD
Why does this video seem like a comedic fail
Those kids are gold diggers
she looked like a snitch
Lol kids these days XD
Jimmy is going to make some BACON

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