Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Jackass Number Two (2/8) Movie CLIP - Cattle Brand (2006) HD

Jackass Number Two (2/8) Movie CLIP - Cattle Brand (2006) HD

I love how his dad is cool with it and his mom freaked out
His dang butt!?!?!?!? Why why!?!?
Rip Ryan dunn
“why did you burn him in the first place”
“cause it was funny”
me at school
0:32 I did press you went like that 😂😂😂
“Why did you burn him”?

“Caus it was funny”
Press it harder you idiot! LOL
1:55 you have a cutest butt ever and now your ruined
0:36 Cows watching like “these are the mfs who turn us to burgers?”
Bams dad when he commented on the banding 😂
RIP Ryan Dunn
1:24 - 1:25 That was my mom's reaction to my first two tattoos I got 3 years ago in Spain :D
Cuz it was funny
RIP Dickfarm Dunn
Good ol' Dunn, even while doing it, he was worried about Bam
cows : wtf is this?
"I did press. You went like that!" The way he moved his hips after saying this had me crying. 😂
Years later wonder what it looks like.

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