Is Your Dream Farm Abandoned And Waiting For You?

Is Your Dream Farm Abandoned And Waiting For You?

This put tears in my eyes, I miss our old farm that was sold to pay for our debts... So much good memories.
Very itrested is there any way we get in contact
I would love to have a farm like this it would be a blessing tex me Linda penn on my friend request what part of n c is this
Is this in North Carolina. Looks very familiar
Well, how do you go about contacting people who own these farms? Is it as simple as going to the county clerks office and finding the land records?
the creeper is in there...
Sometimes I wished I lived in USA. So want to go offgrid/self sufficient. Pretty much nothing available in UK. Land that's cheap enough, you can't live on. Anything with permission/building already there is out of my price range....😢
where is this?
Who taught you how to use a shovel?!
Hold on a sec. I recognize those mountains and winding roads. Is that Spring Creek NC? Hwy 209?
Send information
I'd love to be the person to love that old house and bring it back to life!!
who wants to go find a abandoned farm and get it going with with me.
Wow amazing place you have
We moved to a farm in Indiana so glad
Of a chicken i need to learn how to farm
Can have a free sheep? Please contact me if I can thank you
What are the Deed restrictions, how is it Zoned, and what Utilities exist or not, and taxes?
Check out this

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