Introducing Book of Mormon Central -- BOM Lands Conference -- Kirk Magleby

Introducing Book of Mormon Central -- BOM Lands Conference -- Kirk Magleby

Read Doctrines of Salvation by Joseph Fielding Smith. There is only one Hill Cumorah.
I've noticed many of those YouTubes by those who favor the Heartlands theory are now no longer accepting comments. It's a sad day for scholarship when they pump their views out to the spiritually deficient while continually ignoring all the outstanding reasons why the Book of Mormon events took place in Mesoamerica. It makes me wonder why FairLDS doesn't invite some of these people to its symposiums and see how their views hold up to trained archaeologists, anthropologists, geologists and historians who don't share their views or their testimonies about Zelph!

I've actually nothing against these good people except their need to gauge their spirituality on things that should be, for now, relegated to study and scholarship. My one gripe with FairMormon is the large number of videos that are under ten minutes. They're okay for quickies, but I'd like to see a larger area dedicated for more detailed topics.
I think this is great! Adults always assume that you can "overload" young people with too much information, but one of the biggest problems I've seen among the young people is a belief that the Church has no depth, that because all the Church educational classes they experience have about the same depth as a dry wading pool, they assume there simply is no depth to be found in the whole Church. Nothing could be further from the truth, but I can understand why they think that. Every time they ask a question, all they get in responce is either "Oh, that's a good question. Pray and read your scriptures." or "Oh, that's a good question. Now, let me bare my testimony that I know this Church is true.". If, every time a young person has a question, their question is ignored or belittled (largely because most teachers had the same done to them long, long ago and thus can't answer any in-depth questions about the Book of Mormon), they will believe whomever offers them some depth. Who offers them depth? Sadly, more often than not, it's the anti-Mormons spouting half-truthes and nonsence, but since they are the only ones really talking, they are the ones the kids listen to.

There is a growing scriptural illiteracy largely because the younger generations have no tools to help them understand the highly poetic and completely alien cultures of the past. If the adults won't teach it (and lessons in Church are always focused "on the slowest student in the class", thus ensuring that few, if any, learn anything), then the young people will turn to whomever will teach them, and those people may not be of a faithful mind. We cannot afford to remain silent and chant "I want to bear my testimony that I know the Church is true." over and over and over and think that will sway our bright youth. We must present them with facts and data. Otherwise, they will believe that the Church is avoiding the truth and isn't true. All the chanted testimonies in the world won't change that. They need to know that "Mormonism is truth... The first and fundamental principal of our holy religion is that we believe we have a right to embrace all and every item of truth, without limitation and without being circumscribed or prohibited by the creeds or susperstitious notions of men." (Joseph Smith)

I'm SO glad someone is setting out to help people because the amount of times people have asked me to help them figure out this anti-Mormon piece or that one over there is ridiculous, but they have no where else to turn. No one at Church can/will help them (just as no one at Church could help me understand the scriptures growing up or answer even the most simplistic questions about the Book of Mormon - I had to go search out answers for YEARS, largely on my own). We are losing FAR too many bright young souls because of a culture of willful ignorance that has flooded some parts of the Church. We can't afford to sacrifice the younger generations on the altar to the god of tradition-enforced ignorance. The Church needs the younger generation, and more than that, it needs young people filled with knowledge of the Book of Mormon!

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