Tim Scott & Trey Gowdy Interview: Icons of Faith Series

Tim Scott & Trey Gowdy Interview: Icons of Faith Series

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Em cảm ơn mọi người đã giúp đỡ và em không còn cách nào khác cả Lại Đăng Tuấn 🏩👨‍👦🇺🇸🇪🇺🇱🇷🇳🇿🌎✌️😘🌞🤴🌟
Anh và mọi người nghỉ ăn cơm đi hihi
Love GOWDY and Scott thank God for great man like them....be blessed ..
True these two young servant of God would be the best for God country. God will could be done on Earth if we had them as head of the nation . Senatortimscott and Trey Gowdy knows God ways and they show it .By looking beyond color and religion . They have grown together as one knife sharpening another The way it supposed to be. Love these two great servant for their show of God love in them.
2 of the best men who are in the service of our Country, If we had more men like these, We would have less corruption in our Government.
Tim Scott should be the VP 4 President Trump in 2020 and sack Pence.
Without a Minority as VP i dont see Trump having a real chance in 2020.
And Trey Goudy would have been the best AG ever! Watch this video ......
watch?v=E9o3V6rPtKM IMO
Refreshing interview!
How sad is it that in the last Presidential election the best the country could come up with was Donald & Hillary when you have people like Tim Scott & Trey Gowdy who could be uniting not only the USA but the entire World.

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