Intensive cattle farming indoors & free range milk (UK) - BBC - 3rd April 2016

Intensive cattle farming indoors & free range milk (UK) - BBC - 3rd April 2016

Not natural at all, their natural instincts are denied.
I wanna import to Pakistan can you help me?
Someone should leave him in bed for 365.
Disgusting these Cows are treated as Milk Machines first and living beings second.
The calves of the free range cows are still taken away from their mother as soon as they are born.
I'm looking for a job in agriculture and livestock and I do not know where to look
I live in London and I have no problem moving to another city
Please help if you can thanks
Have to watch this for home work ugh
Holstein cows suit indoor systems possibly jerseys but most british breeds wouldn't suit such an intensive system. Ive bred dairy shorthorns for over 50 yrs and always had a low input external lifestyle for my cows. Most of the year the building were avail for them to come in if they wanted but very rarely except if it was torrential rain did they come in. Even then some preferred to stay outside. Ive bred cows that have lived to over 20 yrs old and most of mine averaged over 7 lactations. Personally I preferred low stocking rates with as natural conditions as possible and my cows were happy stress free with very few ailments.
Mabey they should show them ripping the baby’s away and keeping them constantly pregnant
If this moronic idea of no deal Brexit (cause we'll show those damn europeans who's the boss here) gets through, Britain will need to look for the food elsewhere. Say goodbye to free range, say hello to the American milk and meat.
I dont like seeing them being attached to those machines its not natural makes me feel uneasy, being kept inside all the time is so wrong they dont have a choice poor things its like their in a prison
GGRRRRRRR! this doc is so annoying. ALL FARMED ANIMALS ARE ABUSED. The commentators are so flippant. It's like they are talking about non feeling objects, not sentient beings. The idiot intensive farmer. HE thinks his cows are happy!! They never go outside. They take their babies away from ALL OF THEM!!!!! Vile GREEDY man GOVEGAN
I live in London
I am looking for work in this area and do not know what to do
Prison cow version. Life sentences for all. Glad I didn’t drink milk, as allergies IBS and lactose intolerant.
Keep your milk if that's how it's produced,should be ashamed.
This is disgusting, I can't watch it all it's horrible. We are keeping sentient beings as slaves so we can drink milk that is not designed for us. Choose plant base milks.
Human needs: fresh non-toxic air (indoor air is usually toxic), exercise (involving all practical potential use of muscular and skeletal features, unadulterated natural nutrition, unpolluted water, minimum of toxic pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, minimally restricted socializing environments. Animal needs are different?
Nice wide passageways.... who is he trying to kid? Vile man not allowing them out 😡
Farm is very good l am dr mandeep veterinary

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