inside a cattle trailer

inside a cattle trailer

can you haul rhinos?? that would be cool am I right??
how many rabbits fit in there??
how do you haul chickens??
Its hard to believe heartless people work in these Nazi type businesses while earning shit money.
great work
what's with the sound?
Audio is terrible
pot belly trailers a big pain to load and wash out,flat floor trailers better for cattle,fixed deck hog trailers also better than pots like this young man is demonstrating,
someone got to do it
Well your doing ok there is better way,  THE LONE RANGER.
That must be terrifying for the animals. I wonder if the Nazis loaded Jews into the trains in a similar way...
Only real problem that could cost drivers and ranchers money is he didn't put the rail out to guide the cattle to the bottom nose. That could cause major problems if a cow falls and breaks a leg.
Very informative Video. Thanks
I really liked this video and good job for the kid, he really knows the trailer, I work in a truck wash and worked loading pigs in a hog farm and as a teenager myself I gotta say that I'm happy to see other young kids working their ass off and enjoying it instead of being out doing stupid shit!.
With every year that goes by it gets harder to impress me. However, I am impressed with the trailer and the young fella in the video. That trailer is a labyrinth of engineering. I love the versatility of it. As for the young fella, he gets it. He truly understands it. He gives me hope for the younger folks. If he was working for me I would tell him..."you ain't going nowhere!" lol
you are so good
you are the best
its not that easy u have to do a couple of tests and then find a good company that hauls catlle pigs or sheep and goats
how does a trucker get started hauling bulls???

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