Clark Harris Womens Jersey  In Tamil Nadu, Sikh Farmers Turn Barren Land Into Orchards

In Tamil Nadu, Sikh Farmers Turn Barren Land Into Orchards

We say in Hindi na that "Atthithi Devo bhavo."
Same are the SIKHS
There is more than just a little proof
Bach k raheo punjabio baad vich kho lain ge
It's a shame what has happened to us Tamils due to ineffectual and corrupt leadership. Once we were the most prominent nation in all of the WORLD- when the Chola Empire was at its zenith between the 11th and 13th centuries it was 1) The most powerful country of the world with 2) The most powerful navy and military of the world...… look at this? We've been reduced to having to rely on inferior peoples like Sikhs to come till our lands. Such a shame.
I miss u papa dendi
Papa cerdas. Disamping pertanian. Ada perkebunan bunga. Bunga adalah intrepretasi dari bentuk keindahan surga dgn skala paling kecil. Menikmati bunga adalah menikmati keindahan Allah . Betapa bumi tdk utk diciptakan hanya bentuk alur naik turun kehidupan manusia tp ada sisi hiburan bermakna yg bisa dilihat dari bunga.
Sikh hote he mehantu aur imandar, jiski vajah se vah aage trakky karate he, ,,,,,,,,,Waheguru, Vande matram,
Eh Jatt hunde ne Punjab de guru de Sikh
in few years the Gov't will take the land back from the sikhs.. sikhs bought it made it fertile again but because it wasn't the Sikhs in the start.. govt of India is not fair to sikh community..
I hope Justice upholds it self there..
sikh farmer is very hard farmer we proud tobe a sikh brother
Sikhs should lead our country as they can take correct strategies
Dear anchor it’s tamilnadu not tamilnad
I love sikhs ...they are backbone of india...jai Hinduism Jai Sikhism
☫Singh is king ☫
Where others fail. The Sikhs with their determination and hard work inspired by their faith take up the challenges to make possible the impossible. Sikhs are truly blessed.
Vhn land become fertile govt vill take away frm sikhs
They are doing well, but Once they become prosperous.. locals become envious... So state and sikhs should be very cautious and careful about it...
Nanak Nanak Nanak
My bro has converted totally dead desert of Rajasthan dungarpur in to pomegranate farm just for the challenge of it.

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