Clark Harris Womens Jersey  IMPFUNE! THE Most EFFECTIVE Method to do your IMP Farming!

IMPFUNE! THE Most EFFECTIVE Method to do your IMP Farming!

thanks for posting gonna try it today lucky i pulled mifune bk to bk today from gate ☺
how abouut using 5 mifunes...?
i bet Milko havent beat KM yet with that dummy bug still around lol
could i just use spheres that make all my mifunes have more than 10k damage and then itll work fine? Im somewhat high leveled in the game but i have no focus on spheres except for the first bunch from GGC, so I dont have any of those spheres, and i want to know if i should farm them up or i could use my other attack bonus spheres
im building oracle mifune squad btw... why? isn't that obvious REALMEN TAKES THE ORACLE!!!
Same method as for karma dungeon
Just guard zeru and zel
where to farm for mifune
Healing Imp Fwahl shows how much we hated Oracle back then that it just doesn't die, like siriusly every imp run, there's always that one Healing imp that just stands there wasting my time and I ended up with only around 20-22 runs
Still working on my mifune. it is kinda hard to get all these legend stones. there so damn expensive
You better put Mizeruka as lead and guard her
Btw what's your delay set up time in autobattle?
Isn't Ophelia lead and Atro with Phantom Gizmo and Sacred Crystal a little faster since he gets bb as soon as the enemies health bar loads. Atro's animation isn't faster than Mifune but it OTK all imps, well except almighty imp.
will they do enough damage if they're not imped?
why do you need a special mifune to farm imps? Is it because you have so much energy that you need to do it fast before 30 minutes is out? I find that its not really something i need to do
Atro is actually still slightly faster than Mifune at imp farming even though Mifune's animation is faster
hey milko i challenge you to 1 turn kill ex dungeon menon in global version :))))
dont forget to put a little bit of delay on autobattle, or else if you put zero ms, they will only focus attack on one enemy a lot of time.
Anyone have an easy way to beat Karna Masta in the new quests???
the green imp survives since it was trained by burny
the bad thing about mifune farming in global is that if u have it set on 0 speed on auto battle, mifune can target a dead imp so 1 lives sometimes.

0 speed make all 4 mifunes attack super fast like all 4 attack at the same time but risky :(

btw 2ndary sphere, u can use barbato's ring, 50% attack :D
how important are the spheres to this strat? could i just give them muramasas and masamunes?

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