Immigration to Paraguay, cheap agricultural land

Immigration to Paraguay, cheap agricultural land

brother your information about immigration is not true . It is not that easy to get immigration to paraguay . especially permenant residency .
I'm pakistani married to Paraguay woman,can I apply for Paraguay passport after 1year of marriage, after baby birth
acha brother main ny paraguay embassy jo ke ejypt main hai ki website to visit kiya, us main wo bata rahe hain ke jo bi paraguay ki permanant residency lena chahata hai, usko apny country ka passport choorna ho ga, secondly three year bank statement bi mangtay hain,,, aur sath main kafi sari requirements rakhi huwi hain, jo ke possible hain, magar apny country ka passport choorny wala bara masla hai.... please is ko check karain,,, dual citizen ship allowed honi chahihye,,,, udar kisi lawyer se agar uruguay main rabta hai aapka to un se law check karwahain ke aaya ye unke law main hai, ya phir embassy jan booj kar kuch nationalities ko rookhny ki khoshash kar rahi hai
sir number da
Is it true that more than 90% of farmland still belongs to just 2% of the rich. Sounds sick. Why don't you help your own people first. Love of money?
Good information sir.can you pls update present situation to buy agriculture land and take PR.
Bhai badhiya video
Bhai Jan unki currency konsi hai?
sir if I buy land than I can get passport .......
Bro come to balochistan 3 lakh per acre with enough water
great work
Go back to where you are from.. you are islamic shit
Udar ka 1 Rupi ket na melega molluk me? R kam danda kea
I'm from Paraguay ask your questions
very good
भाईसाब, मै संजय, इंडिया से हूँ। मैने आपकी पँरेग्वा व्हिडीओ देखी। अच्छी लगी, आपने जानकारी भी खुब अच्छे से दी। मैने आपकी व्हिडीओ शेअर भी की है। एक अच्छी व्हिडीओ के लिए शुक्रीया ....
Bhaiyo aur Behno, aap mein se kuch aise log yeh video dekh rahe hon ghe jo Paraguay ko QUICK FIX solution ke tor par soch rahe hon ghe. PLEASE AISE MAT SOCHEIN. issi wajah se pakistani's aur indians ka naam internationally badnaam hota hai. Jahan bhi aap jayein to wahan ki zabaan aur culture ko samajhne ki koshish karein aur us country ke liye ek faidemand insaan sabit ho to woh country aap ko khushi se citizenship dein ghe!
Sir i want to start tomato farming or strawberry could u help me procedure like any book i will really thankful to u on limited scale cuz less investment
Sir please vedio on Argentina & Chillie...

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