If You See THIS Label On the Fruit Do Not Buy It at Any Cost!! This Is Why:

If You See THIS Label On the Fruit Do Not Buy It at Any Cost!! This Is Why:

In Canada, Walmart has organic bananas for 88 cents per lb. They have organic celery for 1.99 and 3 lbs of organic carrots for $2. Organic almond milk for $2. Organic eggs for 6.14 A few days ago, I bought 3 organic romaine lettuce for 3.99 the same price as the non organic lettuce. It's getting easier and less expensive to buy organic but it is very limiting. You probably don't want to eat in restaurants anymore unless they are organic and those are very limited in numbers. It's a real struggle to buy and eat organic or at least, non GMO. I think if you want to be healthy, you probably have to get used to eating a limited variety of foods. In the US, there is a company called 'Thrive Market' I wish they were in Canada. It's inexpensive organic products shipped right to your door. They even help some needy people by giving them a free membership. Check them out. They sound wonderful! I can only hope they will open in Canada too.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEa2Ds9iFitkCh7RxEW5JRQ
I am currently enjoying my GMO nanners! Yum yum!
I buy both organic and non organic produce , just clean 🧼 it really good ..you’ll be fine
it jus fucking amazes me the time and effort people put into their lies...you go as far as to make up some bs story right...then go and post it on youtube?? why ?? do you not have anything better to do then fuck up people who look into youtube for REAL knowledge and information!! you know what honestly the person who made this video is a piece of shit!! its people like you who are ruining this world...that might sound far fetched but you know what...I don't care...you took the time to post lies...get a fucking life moron!!
this is so fake!!!
pesticides and birth defects, fucking bullshit -__-
Part of the point of GMO is that they will breed strains that the bug don't/won't/can't eat, meaning they don't need to use pesticides. GMO also just means genetically modified (typically in a lab), as opposed to selective breeding which is what we've been doing for millennia. There's nothing wrong with GMO, and it's really annoying to see people put such emphasis on avoiding it as if their other foods which have been selectively bred for the same reasons are somehow better.
Write English correctly for your robot voice. It's "an eight," not "a eight."
For various reasons most people can't grow their own food. Yes we are being poisoned by way of our food and what we drink. Therefore we live our lives caught between a rock and a hard place.
Why the fuck are they putting chemicals in the food in the FIRST place?? Why isn't everything grown organic without the UNNECESSARY usage of chemical pesticides. They must want to kill us. Fuck those mother fuckers!
All bananas have the same 8 sets of dna so is ultimate gmo
I don't understand the term "conventially grown" means...?
These companies are only concerned about getting richer
GMOs will save the world.
Put a cup of apple cider vinegar in cold water in your sink. Let your fruit and veggies sit in it for a half hour or so. It will take all the pesticides off the veggies and fruits, then dry with paper towel.
Why don't my organic bananas go black anymore? Try paper bags, refrigerator, plastic, nope! Nothing works like they did a few years ago.
You can't grow your own food without pesticides. The bugs will eat it up.

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