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How to Harvest Yeast for Reuse

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Nice, should i use the yeast for the same kind beer or can i use it for other beer too? thanx
What is your wort chiller set up in the video? I see you loading ice into the other kettle. Do you have a pump circulating through the immersion chiller?
This process works with liquid or dry yeast or both
Your fridge should be 34-40, freezer needs to be 0 Fahrenheit
Super informative, thanks for posting this.
Do you think you've noticed a decrease in 'yeast potency' by reusing it?
After the yeast washing. How long is the storage life??
Is that a umm.. 12 Pack of Bud Light under the table at the 2:00 minute mark?
So I don't understand fully. You want the stuff above the poop looking stuff at the bottom?
If you make a starter, Is it one jar per 5 gallon batch?
Nicely produced video. I've been in a couple yeast washing videos over the years (my own, Chop and Brew) and have been a proponent of this method. I usually do a double wash, like you did with one of them here. I have not found boiling the jars is necessary but you can certainly do it if it makes you feel better. That's why we do a lot of stuff, ha. One note on pouring it into the mason jars - you probably want to do it w/o tipping the main jar up and down. Then you're just rousing whatever is on the bottom. I'd suggest lining up all the jars you plan to pour into and keep the source jar "horizontal" while filling, if that makes sense. thanks for the vid.
Have you seen this or tried it?
Can you store washed yeast in plastic containers? Or is that asking for trouble?
That was super informative! We're going to have to try that next time.
I'm curious as to why you can't chill the mix first so the yeast goes dormant and sinks to the bottom. Then wash the yeast to get a higher revenue from the mix

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