How to use the Photoshop CS6 Crop tool |

How to use the Photoshop CS6 Crop tool |

This would have been great if I were interested in the CROP tool. why does it say it's about TRIM tool then teach about CROP???????
Excellent video. I was used to the CS5 crop tool and never got comfortable using the tool in CS6, but with a bit of practice I see it's far more versatile and useful. Thanks.
thank buddy it has just helped me here
this bull shit u aint cut nothing out
Instruction unclear... Cropped my Penis...
Oh.... This is good! Much thanks!
You CS6 is totally different than mine, mine shows a pair of fricking scissors that don't open taht window to choose freeform!!!!! WTH???
fake 'n gay
Thanks for sharing... Quite helpful.
Helpful. Thanks!
Can I ask a question ? I can't change or adjust my crop area box in photoshop CS6, anybody knows how to solve this problem? Anytime I click on the crop tool, I can't change or adjust the curve of crop box. It seems happen when I use rectangular tool, magic wand tool, lasso tool.
The whole time I'm waiting for the three of them to be cropped out, completely, and no go. How do you CROP??? tsktsk
I've been cropping 1:1 (square) and when I try to resize cropped part, I get unequal ratio, for example 300px width and 299px height (cropped size was 700x700 for example). Why does it change that way, can you help?
great fucking videoooooooooo
Thanks :)
A tutorial of dreams! 
How do I use a pen in real life. How??????? Please help me!!!!!!!

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