Clark Harris Womens Jersey  How To: Use Pan & Crop in Vegas Pro 14, 13, 12 & 11 [In-depth]

How To: Use Pan & Crop in Vegas Pro 14, 13, 12 & 11 [In-depth]

I have a problem with Sony Vegas 14: the picture no longer moves if I select "maintain aspect ratio" and "stretch to fill frame" to no. It takes up the whole frame and it doesn't do anything, but if I move the frame a bit, I can see the picture getting cropped out, but not moving, unlike in this video.
Thank you so much! This was so helpful! :D
can u help me
when I press the fx and select some presets and I add them the crop suddenly comes in my screen so I cant add the fx because of it what do I do??? plz answer
Hello, can you help me ? when i click Event Pan/Crop. It doesn't open the Video Event FX window. Instead it opened beside the video I edit and I can't resize the photo can you help me please ?
can you tell us what ''keyframe interpolation'' is?
you are my hero man
For the love of SVP, where is there a darn video that can demonstrate how to select all videos and restore to the original image/video side in the pan/crop video event fx window!? There's no video on it. Literally.
As I expected, this video doesn't mention how to CROP a video.
Earned my Subscription 1 minute in. Already knew you were competent from then lol. Keep up the great work.
you don't show how to crop
i dont have those dots when i go into the zoom in tool can anyone help me
Hi, I just want to take your advice on whats the correct approach in editing my daughter concert/video. I take a lot of her videos but I never had the chance to edit them but I am getting Sony Vegas soon. What I want is to "insert still images" in my video (part where its fuzzy or not clear). How do I go about this? thanks
Specific not pacific, pacific means calm
Very useful tutorial
Thanks man, you are very thorough and easy to understand. I appreciate your time!
pan/crop is so laggy for me

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