How To Trim Slice and Edit Your YouTube Videos

How To Trim Slice and Edit Your YouTube Videos

Wich app do you use to edit ur videos.
Can you upload more than one video and then mash them together to make one complete video on YouTube?
thank you sir
Hello, there is now a different screen for the enhancements button, and I can't find how to put transitions and how to merge videos.
Can u do this on a first youtube video using an andriod
hey plz i want to open a food challenges youtube channel so how can i get too much subscribers? plz answer me i need some stimulation...
Many thanks! :)
What about iOS or iPad??
omg! thank you so much! :D
Thank you soo much!!! So appreciated how simple you explained this!! Epic!
This video honestly saved my life - Thankyou so so much :D
How can i add music to my video?
How long does the video have to be up before you can trim it? I have been having trouble doing it immediately after my live.
This was done on the computer, not the phone huh? Not the same on the phone!
Hi Derral, is there anyway you can tell me what is going on with You Tubes enhancement feature. You know like if ya wanna brighten up the video, smooth skin tone etc... now all they have is the blur effect. Please help, why did YT change this?
2018 they changed the editor..
thanks Derral! this is what i needed for my vlogs! You are the best!
it looks like they just changed enhancements to just blur faces.
Thanks that was helpful
I had and issue, after I did this, it seems to be taking forever to edit it just says, come back at a later time for about 10hrs so far. Any thoughts as to what is going on?

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