How To Trim Slice and Edit Your YouTube Videos

How To Trim Slice and Edit Your YouTube Videos

is this some kind of pay version? non of these options are where you say they are,
Unless my format is different, You need to redo your video. When i click on the, "avatar," first thing i see is, "my channel, paid members, you tube studio, ect." in order to get to my studio, i had to click, "my channel, then customize channel,"
I want to trim the beginning and endings of videos by a few seconds and create better thumbnails.
hong long does it takes the edit process?
can you prepare this same video for latest youtube version ? i can see trim screen has changed after you have prepared his video
Thank you. Really helpful video
Thanks man!
I have edited one of my video after uploading it. I have blurred my video after uploading it. Now i want it back to original mode. Without blur video. I tried to revert original video but it doesn’t works. PLEASE HELP!!!!
When YouTube is going to bring back the Video Enhancements?
how do you revert it back to the original video, please.
Hello, I have a question. How do you edit a certain part of the video and like make the screen grey for past tense? Also will the rest of the video be deleted? I hope I can get a answer in the video! I’m still watching!
Thanks this really helped your the goat
+Derral Eves I tried to cut out a bit of my video on my iPad under “enhancements” button on the creator studio section but it said my browser does not support HTML5 . I have a iPad mini . I’m confused as to how to download HTML5 to my browser, so I can edit my youtube videos that are already uploaded to YouTube and not loose my views. I have no idea how to change the embedded code, it’s way to tech savvy :( Please help me as I’m just new to YouTube and I’m still learning how to edit my videos.
How can I get rid of the numbers in the upper top corner of the icon? What does it mean?
Is there any way to insert a video in another video and save? Thanks Smed
Nice iam great fan of you
Thank you! New uploader here, forgot about a sliver of sound left wasaay back in the end and had several minutes of black outer space after my video lol!
What about iPad !?
This is so helpful for new you tubers like me.
Thank you Darrel Eves. You inspires me.
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3 I will do the same ❤💯✔

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