How to Solo Pyro Pete in UVHM with Axton (Commando)

How to Solo Pyro Pete in UVHM with Axton (Commando)

I just don't see the same damage output with my sandhawk and Bee combo
I like the style of your videos , everything is so detailed and easy to undarstand even if u did the video years back still helps a bunch
I'm OP2 level now. Have not gotten the Sandhawk yet. should I just get it now or wait till OP8?
Died about 6 times. Watched this and haven't died since. The mistake I was making was throwing my turret out as soon as the fight started. This video showed me the need to 'bait' him with it.
you conveniently left out that you have a bee shield that's immune to fire damage and half his attacks are fire damage......
How the hell can you do that much damage to him? i do the exact same thing, yet he takes like no damage...
Those novas are what constantly get me in this fight. I try to hide behind a post (it wasn't that one though I'll have to see if that one's more effective) but his shockwave or something knocks me out from behind it and I get the DOT effect, and then I have to go wash it off. If i"m lucky I just get some spiderants, if God hates me I get Tunnel rats and then they're the ones that constantly make me go into FFYL mode, and I keep getting downed repeatedly by them. No. 1 they distract me from Pete and No.2 their constant fire keeps my shield down. If there's a way to predict when he's about to Nova so I know to get into cover I'd really appreciate that.
Can anyone dupe me the shock sandhawk for level 61? Steam ID: MEGAYOLO28
i can't dodge his novas i have to use pipe to clean myself :/ cause i get hit by nova no matter what.. and i lose precious time because of that killing him takes me 8 mins..

what am i doing wrong?
thanks for the vids, I am a subscriber of your great channel. Me and a friend of mine play on his console and haven't been able to beat any of the seraphs. that is until I watched your vids. I solo the with my commando then hurry an pause then load his character. this method works very well. please pass the word around and keep up the awesome work.
How to solo dragons with krieg??
Thanks a bunch.
Can you do a solo gunzerker vid for terramorphous? Thanks.
Ancient dragons with siren for next Video
pyro pete is ridiculous you can kill him with no wapon just melee and grenades.he is a joke.
Probably not since i have good guns now
Quite funny since i told you yesterday that i was having trouble with him
Its not possible
Did hé drop a legendary
I wonder if it would be possible/practical to do a tediore reload method (using shock varients, of course). Nice kill btw, I love the sound of amped sandhawk volleys gnawing on raid bosses (or "raid bosses" in pyro pete's case lol).

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