How to Seed a Pasture - Planting a Pasture from Scratch with NO MACHINES

How to Seed a Pasture - Planting a Pasture from Scratch with NO MACHINES

No machine? Don't believe you cleared it that clean by hand
You obviously left out a part. HOW DID YOU GET THE LAND BARE? That's where the machines come in isn't it?
How did you clear the land to begin with?
I was the General Contractor for the Main House at Lightning Tree Farm a few years ago when we did the exterior restoration. Was a huge project. I here Elizabeth has the whole property up for sale now?
Any update? Did this actually work? I'm pretty skeptical...
This is an awesome video thank you so much for making it!!!!
Hi! Just found you. Thanks for the info.
So many YT vids start with some unnecessary apology.
Thank you for the video. I am seeding two acres this fall. What is your plan/system for initial watering?
No disrespect. But how did that pasture get do clean and bare with tilth? By hand ? I mean anyone can spread the seed by hand but the preparation is where machines are usually needed. Do you believe your video title is intellectually honest?
So, why won't those chickens eat the seeds?
Handsome boulder, adds to your place instead of subtracting.
You were able to buy hopped straw?
Where is your homestead located? Did you move there from another location. The video with the Dexters was in CT. Thanks.
Good stuff! Do you mind sharing the material cost for that 2 acres? I have about 14 acres of native grass that I would like to seed for pasture but am not quite to that point yet. I think I'll probably put some cows on it for a while to knock some of the grass down. once I get to the seeding stage I'll have to split the pasture and seed each half at different times, while the cows stay on the other half.

Also, how did you go about clearing the land in preparation for seed? I used to do lawn and landscape and we just scalped the yards, then power raked or lightly rototilled to loosen up the soil. Once the seed was down we raked again to bury the seed, then we didn't need straw.
This info is exactly what I was looking for! It's a shame more people haven't seen this. Too many think you need big equipment to get the job done.
Better keep those chickens out of there.. They will "pick up" all those seeds you spreaded!
Broadcast by hand like the old timers.
you need a spinner type seeder/fertilizer spreader, I use a tow behind as well as a push style for all seeding
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