How to Resize an Image in Photoshop CC + How to Crop

How to Resize an Image in Photoshop CC + How to Crop

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Beautiful artwork. Wicked video. TY
Now how to make the image bigger?
Man, you are an awesome teacher so impressed because not often meet tutorial video where the author explains detailed everything, please keep doing the same style! Respect bro!
but how do you change the image size by just clicking on the pic's corner and drag it to make it bigger or smaller (much like you can do in MS Word etc)? This used to be very easy in previous versions of adobe photoshop but now i cant do it
why would you make this with the camera is out of focus?
It still didn’t work for me hold on I’ll try your second option
Many thanks Helped me a Lot.
Thank you Aaron Rutten for this video i scanned a picture from my sketchbook and i was wondering how to resize it.
Thank you!
Great video! Just a quick comment about the Resolution. 300 PPI is the industry standard resolution for print, but if you're resizing for the web, the Resolution value is meaningless. Resolution controls the number of pixels that will print per inch, with the keyword being "print". It has no effect on the web, or on display devices in general. "72 PPI for the web" is just an unfortunately popular myth.
Thank you
Great ! very helpful . Thanks
Thanks for the help!
What if I wanted solely the woman to be bigger instead of the whole thing?
I was wanting to know the simple one and with you i get it. tks dude.
Thank you.
Resize as in making a 1 MB j.peg turn into a 0.1MB j.peg or am i way off now?
thanks sir..

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