How to resize and crop images in photoshop CC - Photoshop Crop Tool Tutorial

How to resize and crop images in photoshop CC - Photoshop Crop Tool Tutorial

Why don't you stop talking and get to the point
Very nice useful.
Crazy! Just talking lol for simple toool
Talk less man!
This was all about cropping... where was the "resizing"?
thanks for informative
so cutee!
and where is resizing?????
God strewth are you on drugs?
he didn’t say the word “resize” once in his video
Dumbass !!
Adobe makes shit as hard as they possibly can for people.
can i crop only one layer ? like crop the picture but the image is still the same size
Why is the crop tool in PS so "not good"? In GIMP for instance you simply type the resolution you want the crop to be, move the selection and boom, done.
In PS you have to keep using these ratios and it's really damn difficult if you want your crop to be an especific resolution.
Somthing is so wrong with my PS, it nevre looks like yours, your Croptool are number 4 from the top, at my number 4 I have the "Slice tool" and I don't even have a Crop tool. It is always the same in all guides on Youtube, my PS never have any of the tools that I need :( //using the Adobe PS cc 2015.
how to crop the image in the middle?
The intro was F*cking lousy.. Don't do it again please..
Which is good Photoshop CC or Photoshop cs6???
The tutorial is very well done. Nevertheless, I feel Photoshop is far too complicated for basic operations like resizing.
I prefer a tool like BatchPhoto because it makes it much easier to batch resize your photos. No scripts, no actions, just add your photos, enter the desired dimensions and choose where to save them.
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