How To Remove Your Bully's Ear cropping Stitches at Home

How To Remove Your Bully's Ear cropping Stitches at Home

Where do you go for your dogs ear cropping? I am looking for a good places or person I live in Miami
This is cruel..
is it okay if you crop an adult bully? or like an 8-10 months old bully?
Chitiya h sale uska ear katwa diya
Cruel and totally unnecessary. Would you crop your child's ears? Look at Wikipedia virtually all third world countries don't give a s**t plus America and Virtually all Europe and New Zealand, Australia and Israel it is banned. Quote Mahatma Gandhi “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
Quick question. Whats the silver coloring in the ear?
Lol animal abuse and pointless mutilation way to go
How long after the crop did you remove the stitches?
How old was he
My dog took he's of one hear and it looks opened is it bad or will it heal?? Or take it to vet to get ready stiched
I would use 4-0 vicryl so it would desolve in 4 weeks
Before you do this put cotton ball in the ears because you dont want wire to fall in your dogs ear
Why not dissolvable ones?
Yay Dr Jay is there nothing you can't do! much love
He looks nice congratulations on your new boy.
The floppy ears are cute though😆😆
He is nice like him like the ears 👂

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