Clark Harris Womens Jersey  How To Remove Your Bully's Ear cropping Stitches at Home

How To Remove Your Bully's Ear cropping Stitches at Home

im new to the channel and i got two pitts of my own. could you tell me real quick, would a tire swing be bad for a pitt? ive heard it can cause them to be mean but idk
If you are planning on removing all the stitches from your dogs croppings....invest in a pair of scissors specifically designed for stitch removal. It's a medical instrument that is blunt at the very end and hooks each stitch, to make clipping the stitches free, very easy. Can get them online for cheap. I worked in a vets office, the vet never let us remove stitching with a sharp pair of regular scissors. It's easy to do at home, just use the proper tool for the job. 😊 your vid on ear posting is very helpful!
😍😍😍do you have a wife🤸 I watch ur videos and always wanted to ask😋
Where do you go for your dogs ear cropping? I am looking for a good places or person I live in Miami
This is cruel..
is it okay if you crop an adult bully? or like an 8-10 months old bully?
Chitiya h sale uska ear katwa diya
Quick question. Whats the silver coloring in the ear?
Lol animal abuse and pointless mutilation way to go
How long after the crop did you remove the stitches?
How old was he
My dog took he's of one hear and it looks opened is it bad or will it heal?? Or take it to vet to get ready stiched
I would use 4-0 vicryl so it would desolve in 4 weeks
Why not dissolvable ones?
Yay Dr Jay is there nothing you can't do! much love
He looks nice congratulations on your new boy.
The floppy ears are cute though😆😆
He is nice like him like the ears 👂

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