How to put a picture in a circle shape using Photoshop

How to put a picture in a circle shape using Photoshop

Really thx kinda hard
Hi How is this going to work after I drag the mouse it have a color please help
you sir is a genius!
Thanks it’s helpful
No te entiendo ni vergas no sé inglés.. :v
1,000th LIKER give me original picture pls
Hey can you give this picture on tutorial
Thank you! I couldn't figure out how to do this.
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Is it me or Is he cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast
soo for carcle
dang none of it is working, when I use elipse tool it cuts out the image. any idea of what I'm doing wrong?
Thanks man for your help.
Can someone tell my why photoshop removed there fill tool and circle tool and everything pepole needs?
I did everything up to 2mins 35 sec.. When I put the white new page to the side it disappears as soon as I click out of it... I can't drag my circle onto it... help please..
Works good, but how can I save the original image to change shape in future or change image in the same circle if I need?
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I got everything until the background part

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