How to Post Great Dane Ears After Cropping

How to Post Great Dane Ears After Cropping

Do you need a e collar ?
How about not cropping their ears at all and loving them the way they are? If you're doing it because you've heard some bologna about infections then why is it banned in the UK? Unless your dog is going to spend most of its life hunting then I don't see the point.
I'd love to my puppy have floppy ears, not by surgery.
that grey stuff is also called backer rod. I use it on my dobermans ears.
Cropping is disgusting
it's funny how many trolls are there out on youtube lol...i don't own the dog(wish i had, you can call it love at first sight)...anyway ppl...from what i what you want and don't let these negative shits stop you...we all have different opinions and that sums it all...but watching this while you disagree with it it's crap so mind your own damn bussiness, you don't like it go back to your stuff...personaly i like how it looks and i read some stuff about it and it's not so painfully as you make it appear...
My pup is 13 weeks old should i go for ear croping or not?
i personally wouldnt crop the ears
I'm not agreeing or disagreeing. its all preference. I crop my dogs ears because of thorns, branches and anything else that can rip the ear. my dogs are for hunting but if you are in the city there is no point and it's cosmetic. most dogs with big floppy ears get blood pockets in the tips from head shaking. this could cut down on that. it's not cruel if done at the right time. most puppies feel no pain. it's done with a laser with cottorizes and it not really invasive. they have to wear a cone for a while but that is the same with a spay or neuter. there is a lot of hypocrites on here. if you circumcised your son, spay or neuter your pet , it's all the preference of the person who is in charge of them. a Danes ears are a byproduct of overbreeding, same as the size. a is not really God's creation. it's a product of man. there for all who say it's how God made them, your wrong. it's not a coyote. it's a breed designed to help people. same with some cats, some birds and all live stock. not to mention a lot of other natural things man has tampered with like corn. keep your opinions to your self. if you don't want to learn how to care after an ear cropping then you must like watching things you find disturbing. or just like to voice your worth less opinion.
How long after surgury was this?
such a sweet pup.
why the chin strap? Just curious =)
Ok but cutting a babies penis AKA circumcision is ok? Hello people it's the same thing you are cutting off skin I don't care how you look at it, any surgery is ugly when it's being performed. Are boob jobs medically necessary??? No but is attractive. Let's just assume getting ears cropped is doggie version of a boob job. Now it is politically acceptable 😘 your welcome!
very informative video! my new pup goes in on Tuesday for her ears to be cropped and I was worried about doing this but now i feel way more confident. Got my supplies now just gotta get her to surgery and off we go!
I am planning on Dr.Pew cropping my Danes ears. Does anyone have feed back about him?
Personally if you want to crop their ears go for it back when they were still used to hunt wild boar they cropped the ears so the pig doesn't bite them, its been happening for years so what's the difference? As long as it's done properly and humanly I don't have a problem with it :)
Thanks for sharing . Beautiful Puppy..
Before getting your dog cropped, learn about the procedure, search for the right veterinarian. My dane had his ears done at 9 weeks old, they stood up immediately after the procedure.
There was NO PAIN involved with the operation since my puppy was put to sleep the whole time AND had a shot of pain killers, for 3 WEEKS after his surgery i had 2 painkillers a day to give him to prevent any pain if there would have been any.
The only thing that my puppy did not like is to wear "the cone of shame" for 3 weeks.
After 3 weeks we went back to the vet to get the stitches out. And his ears are perfect. His ears were up the minute after the surgery. No taping/posting. Nothing need to be done, he is free to play with my other dog.

Like i said shop for the right vet. Not all vet use a blade, some uses laser, some use electro-cutter. Just make sure to choose one that guarantees NO PAIN.

If you are against ear cropping but for neutering surgically you are an hypocrite. Taking off important hormone producing organs out of your pet is far more cruel (and damageable for it's health) than cropping its ears.
If you are too lazy to train your dog and keep an eye on it so it won't hump or get humped .. maybe you should not own a dog. And certainly not shame other owners for doing surgical procedure far less drastic than yours.
Where do you get the Foam?
Blegh!... it's like discusting how people try to change these beautiful dogs! God gave them hanging ears so leave them like that or don't get a dog!

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