How to mow with a tractor (bushhog) From Lubrication to technique and safety..quick tutorial

How to mow with a tractor (bushhog) From Lubrication to technique and safety..quick tutorial

New to the busy Ness of brush hogging and it's mostly been on less than an acre. I have a job opportunity to maintain a three and a half acre horse ranch with just grass and weed that's too thick and high for mowers. I'm used to thicket and saplings. What would you charge for three acres of just tall grass? I don't feel like the job is as pricey as my usual cause of the simplicity. But there are some hill sides I'll have to run a walk behind on. If you like a few picture I can email you some.
Carry with bigger tool box is a very wise decision Josh...and lock with number lock.
Just wanted to gently correct you that the brush bowl BB 72X is a standard duty rotary cutter with a 2 inch cutting capacity. I know because I own and operate one for my Field Mowing business. Also, it is recommended in the owners manual to have the front of the rotary cutter slightly lower than the rear so that the vegetation being cut can escape allowing less horsepower to be used by the cutter.
I love your videos
I just learned to use a bush hog for the first time. The tractor is different, but all in all very helpful!
I think this video fails a little bit as in it's geard tords someone who doesn't know what thay are doing but you start the video with the deck on and to somebody who doesn't know that's probably going to be the hardest part
All great points! Thanks for taking the time to share
Great video
Ahh i got tore up by bees mowing last year . was one of the scariest things ive ever been through . 1/4 mile away from where it happened few bees where still tryin to get me.
Great idea with the ammo can tool box.
Ignore the negative commenters. Just ignore 'em. You're doing GREAT! I'm just starting out doing what you're doing, on a smaller scale. Learning ALOT from your vids! Keep 'em comin'!
Keep up the good work josh i watch you every day you are one cool guy all the best from united kingdom.
here in Arkansas we call it brush hog , are we alone in this saying ?
Lov your videos man thank you a lot
Nice rig, I'm jealous. Great vid Josh.
Hi Josh, just a tip mate, when you check your oil. wipe the dip stick first as sometimes it will give a false reading. all the best from Australia
You have some good info and I'm hoping to have some land someday so I'm new to this stuff
Just bought a new tractor and brush hog never used either before - watched your video for confirmation!

Thanks a bunch...
Hopefully you keep a log (clip board or 3 ring binder) on what maintenance that you do on the tractor and implement, more than just oil changes. Even the small little things because the little things are what nickle and dime you.... so after a while you will keep extra parts that wear out often etc.... It takes only 30 seconds to write the date and the job done and what happen to the piece of equipment broke bolt on brushhog while mowing the south forty......!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great video for starters who whant to use a bush hog, keep going strong buddy!!

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