How to mow with a tractor (bushhog) From Lubrication to technique and safety..quick tutorial

How to mow with a tractor (bushhog) From Lubrication to technique and safety..quick tutorial

Nice rig, I'm jealous. Great vid Josh.
Hi Josh, just a tip mate, when you check your oil. wipe the dip stick first as sometimes it will give a false reading. all the best from Australia
You have some good info and I'm hoping to have some land someday so I'm new to this stuff
Just bought a new tractor and brush hog never used either before - watched your video for confirmation!

Thanks a bunch...
Hopefully you keep a log (clip board or 3 ring binder) on what maintenance that you do on the tractor and implement, more than just oil changes. Even the small little things because the little things are what nickle and dime you.... so after a while you will keep extra parts that wear out often etc.... It takes only 30 seconds to write the date and the job done and what happen to the piece of equipment broke bolt on brushhog while mowing the south forty......!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great video for starters who whant to use a bush hog, keep going strong buddy!!
I've got a question I haven't ever messed with replacing the blades on a Bush hog before and my gear box is loose, while I was under the Bush hog I noticed the blades were loose or would spin around the bolt or pin that holds it, is that normal and I have to figure out how to tighten that gear box up,it looks like I'm gonna have to remove the castle nut and cotter pin and drop the blades and stump guard down, any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
Maybe some real farmers get a annoyed with you because they do this every day without trying to draw attention to themselves.
Mowing starts at 8:07
Love your videos. We are new to owning land and have much to learn.
In addition to your points, I always check the bolts on the blades for proper tightness and do a visual inspection of the blades. Regarding yellow jackets, I built a screened cab for mine... it's been a godsend with mowing rough pasture and has saved me stings more than once.
Hi I recently bought 10 acres and I built a house we have a zero turn to mow the lawn and it's a rough ride and everytime I go mow I'm not even done and my blades are badly damaged it's like everytime I go mow I need new blades I now that we need to buy a tractor and a Bush hug but we dont know which one to buy we are newbies in a farm we are about to put a for sale sign on the house just because of the hard time we are having with the land and I really love this place wouldn't like to sale at all but we don't know what to do anymore please give us an advice thanks
This channel is freakin awesome.... only channel I watch when I’m not working so please keep making videos never stop !!
5065 e tractor is a work horse 🐴
I appreciate the videos. Excellent information for those that might not have the knowledge. Also appreciate someone offering without making you feel stupid for not knowing
I think you did a great job. Only thing I do different is I always engage pto at idle and I have the front of the mower closest to the tractor a little lower. I feel it helps debt and discharge out the back better plus it helps keep brush from getting thrown forward. But this is just my .02. If what you do works for you that's great.
If he would guit trying to imatat Richard at gas monkey he would be ok to watch.but with that going on I think I’ll just pass.sorry
Woods BB72X. Quality never gets old! Working for generations!
I see your a ric flair fan. good video
I see your a ric flair fan. good video

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