How to make your PHOTOS look CINEMATIC FAST using LUTS in Photoshop!

How to make your PHOTOS look CINEMATIC FAST using LUTS in Photoshop!

Thumbs up for LUTS with photos! Woo!
Does it work on Windows 10?
Peter teach us how to make our own LUTS!
Lut's Pack is not free
Peter, please I’m begging you! What is the background music? Is it from Epidemic Sound?
i want to be like you.
PLEASE HELP ME! He says press Shift Option Command E. I press Shift and E but I don'w know which is Command and which is option..
LUTs or Lightroom presets for 15$?
Thanks man
Heyy man, can you make a tutorial on serious cinematic looks that was used in Mission impossible Ghost Protocol using camera raw filter?
Can I use these presets in Affinity Photo?
Can we get the mountain image?
WTF?! you never mention that it cost $15 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, for that little pack xD Noooooo Thanks
Can you use the LUTS for Lightroom, Great vid!!!:)
Is Your Prices Canadian Or Us ?
Hey bought LUT , can you explain well on how to install over Premiere Pro.
8:36 Oh.. Oh dear....
OMG I've always just done an additional overlay layer with a high pass on it for my sharpening, but BRUH your method ROCKS!!! So excited about this!!!!!!!!
This Video is so basic...
Awesome Technic.

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