Clark Harris Womens Jersey  How to make your PHOTOS look CINEMATIC FAST using LUTS in Photoshop!

How to make your PHOTOS look CINEMATIC FAST using LUTS in Photoshop!

Thumbs up for LUTS with photos! Woo!
How to make a photo "cinematic" what?
Anyone know how to scroll the LUTs quickly in PS (with the keyboard arrows) without having to "mouse click" every-time to test/change each LUT?
Hey Peter , thanks for your videos. I'm using Windows 10. I just wanna know how to create the visible layer in Photoshop. Thanks for answering
Thanks! Keep the PS tutorials coming
Hey Pete 👋 - 045
Just about spit my water out with you did "alright alright alright" I say that all the time in the best Matthew McConaughey voice I can.
You can also use LUTs in Camera Raw, not just in PS. I prefer this for editing RAW files before the next steps in PS. ^^
Does it work for Lightroom???
good hairstyle
There is no cooler guy than Peter McKinnon!
Dude I just enjoy sit down on my computer or tv and watching your videos telling us about all these amazing things or going around taking amazing video footage and stills! You are a true inspiration for me! Keep up! Love every single thing you do!!
Very nice tutorial, but what it also shows is how incredibly unintuitive Photoshop is. There is no way you could figure out those adjustment by yourself, as opposed to the sliders in Lightroom.
So i've got some LUTS from different people and some of them don't work when I drag them into the 3D LUTS folder. Windows 10. Any reason for this? are some LUTS only for video?
What about Affinity photo for iPad?
I love it
i propose a trade, I send the Video 3DLut for the Lighroom lut. Let me Know
I'm argentinan and $15.00 are too expensive for me! Our money (pesos) is so devalued that dollars are expensive for us...
Yeah, thats life
man, you dont know how much i reference back to this gem. thank you P
I discovered your channel yesterday and I can not stop watching the videos.
Very cool! You help a lot!
Besides, your pictures are wonderful.
I'm Brazilian, I do not know how to speak English very well.
Congrats on the channel content.

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