How to make your PHOTOS look CINEMATIC FAST using LUTS in Photoshop!

How to make your PHOTOS look CINEMATIC FAST using LUTS in Photoshop!

Thumbs up for LUTS with photos! Woo!
I'm argentinan and $15.00 are too expensive for me! Our money (pesos) is so devalued that dollars are expensive for us...
Yeah, thats life
man, you dont know how much i reference back to this gem. thank you P
I discovered your channel yesterday and I can not stop watching the videos.
Very cool! You help a lot!
Besides, your pictures are wonderful.
I'm Brazilian, I do not know how to speak English very well.
Congrats on the channel content.
is there a way to apply the LUT first then go back and edit in the camera RAW filter?
Really Amazing, I love the video, inspires me to take photography more serious and fun. Seeing this video has impulse me to buy my laptop and get PSH back, to edit pictures, something I stopped doing after my accident.
what about lightroom? can i use LUTS packs in lightroom?
I really enjoy using your LUTS! Thank you for putting out such an amazing collection.
How do people thumbs down free knowledge like this?? Life must be miserable for ya! Haha
What songs do u use as background audio?

That’s racist
Is it alright to use .cube LUT files with photoshop? Or .3DL files preferred? Does it matter?
Shut up and take my Andrew Jackson!!!!! :D
God Bless You.
Which luts present are u using on this video
If you plan on getting a camera very soon, but have not been able to do that yet! How can you practice your editing? Have a great day bro! Peace :)
He talks about photoshop like he's cooking....nice
How can i have camera raw please ?
Does it work on Windows 10?
Peter teach us how to make our own LUTS!

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