How to Make Your Guinea Pigs Trust You

How to Make Your Guinea Pigs Trust You

Can you make a video that "How to teach your guinea pig not to be aggresive."
Omg this is so sad for me , My guinea pigs died last week 😭
I binge watch these
I would like a giving a guinea pig bath routine
who els watched this with their piggies?
Omg Wilma is here! 😭I kiss her so much
Where did you get your guinea pigs? Did you adopt them? I really need an answer because I'm getting one but don't know where to start help me
I’ve had my guide pigs 4 years now and about 2 years ago my piggies were tame but then I didn’t play with them as much and now they only come to me when I bring food and will never let me interact with them / any tips for that ?
Mine dont run when we walk around or come up to her. But when a hand comes by she runs
I have had mine for like a year they scream at me when I walk in they have all the essentials and when I try to acknowledge them they run
My Guinea pig takes food out of my hand. But gets freaked out if I even put my hands in there if I don't even have food. They don't trust anybody.
0:27 I thought that they were kissing!! 🐹😘🐹
It take me 1 year to m'y geanea pig to accept me
What's your favorite breed of guinea pig? Mine is rex
More floor time vlogs :) ❤️ please
You help me so much.😊😊
I wish my guinea pig loved me ;(
I have a 1 yr old Guinea Pig and his name is rover and he has black fur this a white strip from is nose to his forehead and he is adorable and I love him and that is all I have to say. Good day...

My guinea pig just died. I put some hay and some of it’s fur into a bag and I said “eat this hay in heaven my friend.” She had a terrible tragic death. :(

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