How to Make Your Guinea Pigs Trust You

How to Make Your Guinea Pigs Trust You

I’m here cause I have a ginuea pig but we just got another one!
My guinie pig died today
I LOVE Little one ,he is my favourite ,he looks so much like a panda ,lol
I got a guinea pig yesterday
I got my piggies last Friday and there are already taking hay from my hand
Thanks I just got a guinea pig today and this helped alot
I just got two piggies today! Monkey and Cubie
I let my ginnepig out its cage and I chased it because it was hiding and it try to pick it up and she ran away from like she was scared. ;(
I hope this works with Garlic & Chili (my piggies)
Can a guinea pig start to trust you if you put her on your bed and give them food and let them adventure to make sure nothing is wrong? Xx
I hope my new Guinea pig Ginger learns to trust me
What happens if you have a dog in the house and their use to you but how do you get them use to the other animals in the house
My guinea pig wont even let me touch it
Plz help I’m new to this so I have 2 guinea pigs that I got yesterday and I’m just trying to touch and one of them nibbles on my finger but they don’t want to come out to let me let them they are very scared any tips?
It’s been three months and I still can’t carry my guinea pig I don’t see any progress😔😔😔😔😔
Mine is sitting in a corner of the cage and panics all the time, I want to buy it a small house or bridge and stuff but I can’t afford it for now. She won’t get food from me and runs away when I touch her. I just got her today.
Are guinea pigs sensitive to smells? Like if I used a wax melts cub warmer in my room and changed the scents at times. Could it make the guinea pigs sick or kill them?
i just got my guinea pig
I'm proud and happy to be the food person to my guinea pigs since 2010 <3
thx for all the videos you make your good you know almost everything about them you the best

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