How To Make & Use Composting Worm Tea

How To Make & Use Composting Worm Tea

But can you drink it?
Hello! Thank you for the really informative video. I was just wondering how you dealt with the food scraps that the worms might not have eaten each week?
Did you feed them the right amount such that they didn't really have any food scraps left or did you have to remove them each week?
Question is open to anyone with experience in worm-farming :)
Thank you!
Love this method, have been using it for years on my garden now also,,,for seedlings just make it really weak.
You can spray it too onto leaves for optimum nutrient take-up..and to keep away pests!
Happy Gardening
Marty Ware
When using the bucket system, what is the frequency that you run water through it? Or, can please outline the maintenance procedure? The part about adding new scraps and shredded paper/cardboard is fine, but since this will be a new thing for me, I need to know how often and at what quantity do you run water through the compost.
Can you give your plants 1 part worm tea & 10 parts water every time you water them?
can we use any garden worm for worm tea?
Bro do compost tea smells earthy smeels
Hey bro do compost bin smells or I have done anything wrong?
great video man thank you
Why does my leachate became smelly when I stored them in an empty softdrinks bottle. And what to do to remove the unpleasant smell?
I have maggots in my compost tea bottle - I have an enviro-cycle and it has a canister under the tumble which has slits and it catches the compost liquid.

It finishes compost very quickly and I love it - I also like that the liquid gets into the canister. I was so SHOCKED AND GROSSED OUT AT THE RANCID SMELL INSIDE THE CANISTER and the hundreds of maggots inside the canister!!

Are the maggots bad for compost tea?
I make my tea with ground up compost. Ground up to the consistency of coffee grounds. Then I add four cups of worm casting and one cup of the ground up compost. I add sea kelp and molasses. I make the tea in a five gallon bucket. I then aerate it with a pump and aeration stone for twenty four hours. When it's ready to use I dilute it with one part water and one part tea. It works great on all my plants.
Can you make this worm tea from black soldier fly?
Good video
Good Afternoon Greenshortz!
I've been going through your compost bin videos, looking for a composting solution that I might be able to set up on my balcony. I'm a condo dweller (without a yard), up in Canada and I'm still fairly new to gardening as I've only been at it for about a year now, but that hasn't stopped me from container growing veggies in my living room. :)

I was thinking about building one of your double bin systems, and supplementing my garden with leachate, however I'm now a little leery about it after reading (below) that there is the possibility of bacterial contamination (as I am growing food).

By chance do you have any recommendations on an alternate system I could try building which would take the worry of bacteria out of the equation?

Thank you very much, and keep up the fantastic work!
When is the worm tea ready to harvest?
Great video very informative
could the worms possibly stay alive from this process or will they all die?
I have seen several DIY videos along with yours. People talk about collecting the worm tea. My worms have produced very nice castings but I have no tea. there is no extra moisture although my castings are nice and moist. What do you do to get tea?
i thought the juices secreted by worms digesting decaying organics was anaerobic bacteria, and bad for plants?

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