How To Keep Water From Freezing

How To Keep Water From Freezing

All those expensive, awesome tools but that hammer.....
Maybe tape a pipe heating cable to outside of tub before adding the insulation
Did it work???
Super idea thank you.
Sorry but you just made a ice chest..
What song is this? Awesome channel!
Ur da man simian, keep up the good informative work
So ingenious!
Hey! How are you going to keep it full? Haul by hand?
Are you going to paint it black, so that it will absorb more heat when the sun comes out? The aluminum roofing was dark which will help a little, but why not the sides too?
OMG all u need is an entire wood making shop. I have sawhorses and a circular saw lol. I love watching your work
I heard styrofoam is toxic. Ohh well might be.
Great job. got to do this & raise up for horse water trough. We live on small ranch of 7 acres in northern California ( 1 -1/2 hr below South Lake Tahoe)..our coldest days get -3.8 Celsius or25° f in winter.
Good video you have! Thanks
Hej, normally you want to screw the roofing not in the bottom sections but in the raised ones. So no water can enter through the screw holes. ;)
Greetings from Germany
It wont freeze from bottom but surely it will develop ice barrier on top (?)
Also it would be better to paint the tub black inside so it would take more energy from sun and heating the water. Also at night it radiates to black night sky, so if you cover it over top it looses less heat over night (built a small roof over the rest of the tub)
Holey moley! Good score on the plywood! Super expensive product that was.
LOL I'm sitting here completely slack jawed. :) Baltic birch plywood costs an arm and a leg where I am and here you are screwing it to a cow watering tub. I realize it was free for you. :)
You should really try out an impact driver for screws. It is a whole lot easier!
What temreture was?? because in my country there is -20celsius so does it work in this temreture??
Ought to last 100 years!!

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