How To Harvest Worm Castings From a Worm Factory

How To Harvest Worm Castings From a Worm Factory

i cant hear anything now im getting a F thank you :(
How do you have no worms in the bottom tray? I've never experienced that. did you do some pre-work for this video?
I just bought two of the terra cotta 5 tray systems and can't wait to get them started! I have three keyhole gardens that I put into each of them 2,000 RedWiglers in the Fall and they have been breaking down shreds of paper and leaf mulch all Winter and now I will have a place to bring them in and continue making worm castings for my other garden containers. It is way to expensive to buy the good stuff every year and this way we will never have to again! Can't wait to get these and get going!!! :)
How many months along was the bottom tray you emptied?
damnit, another video that"s hard to hear. Sorry I won't even try to listen.
i've recently bought a worm farm and only have one tray on there. how do i know when to add the second tray? the first tray has a lot of newspaper from the package that came with the purchase of the worms. my tray is filling up but i don't want to add a second tray until the first one is clean. can i have your opinion? thank you
what do you do with the stuff in the very bottom "drain tray" Is that castings too?
the guy shooting the video was to far away and I couldn't hear you over all I guess what you said didn't really matter but what I seen made me want a worm factory
"I'll setum free cause I love them that much".
Made me laugh.
just wondering are you from Missouri ?

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