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How to Harvest the Worm Factory 360

I wish the diferent ''boxes'' were various colors. You move fast for 77 year old eyes and hence your message is missing. maybe I should produce fun colored boxes, make into business
. hate the color black. plus black is so bleak
white would be fine for contrast
Lots of funny and bickering comments, ah to be anonymous. So in all the comments, not one of you mentioned the fact that all this took place somewhere in the house, maybe the kitchen. Keeping the thing in there is one thing but harvesting right there would be a no no for me. Perhaps this was just done for demonstration purposes. I agree with the one feller, who cares if you remove a few worms? After all, they are
Way over due for harvesting and way too dry. Keeping a layer of wet newspaper on the top tray will take care of any fly problems you may have.
WORMS OH MY....LOL worms are GREAT for your garden...FYI there are 1000's of eggs in the other bins giving your garden those FEW worms wont hurt. To combat that put all ur compost in a pile in corner ur tub worms will work way down away from light 5 min. later brush off top inch or so no worms keep working way down at bottom throw rest back in the 360 and u save ur worms
So what if there a few worms in the stuff you harvest?
I didn't get a worm ladder w/ mine =( ...and my top is a little different...but then again they changed again after i got mine
Make sure you flush the spout too, or it will get really clogged and a lot of times hold gross stuff that can compromise your worms. Also, I disagree, I think your soil could be a little more damp. Also, I make tea with my compost to mke it easier to spread, if you very genty rinse the worms in the strainer you can get the compost out and they are just fine and can be put back in with the food tray.
My worms always fall through to the bottom tray and drown.. There has to be a better design
Those few worms that you saw in the harvest tray can go into your garden with the worm compost.
You could put the tray that you want to harvest on top of the tray that will become your bottom tray and put them in the light, the worms will go down a few inches so you can scrape a layer off every few hours after they're gone. This way seems to be the best :)
You could put the tray that you want to harvest on top of the tray that will become your bottom tray and put them in the light, the worms will go down a few inches so you can scrape a layer off every few hours after they're gone. This way seems to be the best :)
+david gocev! You know is ready when the colour of the compost is even dark brown and smells like earth. There should be no trace of anything but sand or eggshells! The other question? What trash? If you put the food/ your left over vegie and fruits in the processor, they consume it super fast! That is indication you can harvest soon. But don't forget the bottom trey should look like coffee grounds and have no trace of what you put on top! Save the lemon-shaped cocoons. Those are babies! If they are reddish brown, they will hatch soon, if they are orangy they are just been laid! So make sure that you keep the cocoons. Also baby Red Wigglers look like white worms so do not throw them out! Any more questions, feel free to ask! I found tons of info! Another idea : Go on a trip to a horse stable and ask them to look in to their composted manure. You might find loads of cocoons and worms for FREE! PS! Are you from Eastern Europe by any chance? The last name sounds Eastern European?
But it's good to take the worms out of the bottom bin, it provents over clouding, inbreeding and illness, plus if you put the worms in the bottom bin in the garden it helps the garden too!
i can only imagine how many worms you cut in half with that card i use a 3 prong 90 deg garden fork with rounded prongs
cháu muốn mua thùng đó.
phải làm sao ạ. cháu ở vietnam
One thing I have learned: when using either a flow through worm bin or a worm factory/360, no matter what you do, you'll always find a number of worms in the very bottom with the castings. Don't ask me why these worms like it down there while the others are in the feeding areas, its just the way it goes now and then.
Excellent video.
I keep my worm bins in my computer room in the house because I can better regulate the temperature inside. However, being that it's inside, I do not put fruit in the bin to keep the fruit flies away. There is no offending smell as long as you follow and exactly do what the paper book says that comes with the factory.

My worm compost must be just the right amount of liquid because no leachate comes out the spigot. I squeeze out the moisture from the carbon filtered rinsed vegetable wastes and again after it's chopped and microwaved and cooled, to allow only drips, not streams of water. When completely at room temperature, I use the thermometer to check the temperature inside the feeding bin, and inside the freshly prepared food waste making certain they are the same and then combine.

I prefer to use coconut coir for the worm bedding purchased in the same size containers that come with the worm factory as they have been rinsed free of salt. Salt gets on the coconut coir when the islanders rinse shredded coir in the sea. Since the salt will dehydrate and kill the worms, I rinse it again and again when breaking apart. Then add a final rinse with carbon filtered water so that the chlorine and whatever else is in the tap water will not harm the worms. I strain the coconut coir through the plastic colander and 11 gallon tubtrug purchased from Gardeners Supply Company. And store the strained bedding material in the collander and Tubtrug.

They are sold separately but work perfectly . The coconut coir works perfectly as bedding material for me. I do not empty a wastepaper basket, but add pieces of brown paper (that comes in boxes of merchandise) or torn up paperboard egg cartons for extra browns for the worms. I have learned NOT to use grocery bags or corrugated which contain glues that kill the worms.

Somehow I misplaced the yellow rake that came with the Factory and was especially thankful to find this accessory available at
Do you keep your 360 in your home? Does it smell at all?
seems overly dry, and contaminated with bad compost. Why on EARTH are you putting in plastic?!?!
use a lamp to force them to run down to the bottom bin. 

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