How to Grow Red Romaine Lettuce from Seed in Containers

How to Grow Red Romaine Lettuce from Seed in Containers

Will it grow in Florida? It is October and it cooled down a bit. We like romaine lettuce and we have two bunnies that would love them.
I hope your buying your cinnamon in the bulk food secfion? Sulfur is also an organic fungicide.
Do you also along the way continue to give the red lettuce more blood meal as they grow or just a standard fertilizer? If so do you just sprinkle around the plant and water? Thanks
amen ☺🙏
does the cinnamon work with all types of lettuce and maybe even spinach?
A tip to use for single seed planting. Put seeds on a plate and use a toothpick. Wet the tip of the toothpick and touch a seed and then move to the planting area.
What temperature is best to grow Lettuce? My home stays at 74 degrees year round. I live in Birmingham, Alabama, our summers is probably too hot for lettuce.
I just love your little furry friend there. What a cutie patootie!
You guys provide SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE for us beginner gardeners! You truly provide an easy approach on how to do things that is not intimidating at all. I started last year with a 4x8 raised garden bed that turned into an epic failure as I mixed like 15 different types of vegetables into one spot! It was a hot mess! But I did come out with lots of zucchini, squash and tomatoes/tomatillos that I grew in containers. After watching your videos last fall and into winter and learning from my mistakes, I decided to rent 3 community gardens here in town and give it a go. I know that I speak for many of us, but THANK YOU for the time and effort that you put into making your videos; experienced gardeners like you are an encyclopedia of knowledge, we're so lucky to benefit from it!!!
you're just too funny Hollis, we love you guys
I love your channel so very informative. Thanks so much for what you do. Blessing to you. Your tips are acthankful blessing from you. Thank you
Thank you so much for your video, is it better to grow lettuce in containers?
God bless you two
i love this channel so much. just found this channel :D
Loved seeing you growing in buckets. I love groing in buckets.
LMAO, the intro deserves a freaking award. I haven't laughed that loud in a while.
Very informative video. I recently found your channel and love it. I noticed that there is quite a bit of shade where the lettuce it. How many hours of sun do they get? I've never grown lettuce in containers and want to try. I've been battling the deer in my area many years and would love to try growing in containers on my deck. Thank you Hollis and Nancy and Happy Easter
That lettuce is bigger than anything I have seen in any market or farmers market. We have 3 farmers markets in this area. I am astounded !
Your dog is so cute and curious.

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