How to Grow Red Romaine Lettuce from Seed in Containers

How to Grow Red Romaine Lettuce from Seed in Containers

Will Nancy's mom be near y'all in Florida? I know you share the delicious garden veggies with her. blessings for y'all! 💛❤💜💙
what is that violet rootcrop is that a turnip? it looks like ube or yam
Excellent video. Hollis you are wonderful instructor. Nancy your camera work and editing is outstanding. I am really enjoying these videos. Thanks for your hard work.
Had to laugh at the chopsticks tip because we always save them too. So many uses! Thanks for the cinnamon tip. Here’s hoping YOU have a blessed day.
Wonderful tutorial. Blessings.....
Thank you so, so much! I’ve tried and tried to grow lettuce and never had much luck. So tomorrow I’m trying it your way. I know I can grow it now. Can’t wait for morning to get here. The weather has been in the high seventies for the past week. So it should get a good start. Thanks again. ❤️
I like the container idea. You all answered my question if you get more harvest from the lettuce. Thanks!
Hi guys, do you have your lettuce tables inside the fence you set up, or outside? If outside, do you have any issues with deer?
Can I start spinach in the house like you did red romaine
Looks amazing. Thank you for sharing. Is there anything you do to protect your lettuce or other vegetables from insects/bugs that eat the leaves off them?
What is the size of the buckets? Thanks
Can you put the cinimmon on house plants ? I just repotted some today ! Thank you !
Good day to you guys !! 👍👍😁😁 Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us all today 😁😁👍👍
Thank you for the video, I didn't understand the soil mixed could you please write it down. 1/3 of reclaim soil of last year , 1/3 of, 1/3 of and you add bone meal?
Also how many time do you water them. Do you wait that the soil is very dry?

Thank you
Great Video! Do you store your left over seeds for the next season(s)? If so, I would really like to see how you do it. I have not seen many videos that have to do with seed storage and I am having trouble finding a good seed storage system for future growing seasons. Thanks, Darren
You guys put up awesome videos & a lotto them.Thanks Murray
Hilarious opening scene! :D
Hollis and Nancy Hidy from Tx. I was wondering what month did y'all put your lettuce on the salad table? Y'all are awesome!! Blessings and thank you!
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Glad to see some new ones. Hope You are both well and enjoying Florida

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