How to Grow Lettuce in Containers - Complete Growing Guide

How to Grow Lettuce in Containers - Complete Growing Guide

How do u premoisten the soil?
thanks for this video...i never grew lettuce before and actually grew my lettuce in a container and was worried that i would have to thin it out and you were right my lettuce looks just like the one you had in the video and am pleased to know that i dont have to thin it out. thanks for the info!
This is such an awesome tip! I'm trying to grow them now and this vid is so helpful. Thank you!
Yes inspired your video has done that. I live in BC Canada and we don't get the luxury of heat and sun for an extended time. I have a large deck on my condo and have decided to grow some edibles instead of all flowers. Last year I grew a tomato plant that went crazy. Well I have done my research and found out there are two different types of tomatoes. I was growing an indeterminate that should have been pruned. This year its all about determinates, some peppers and now thanks to your video some lettuce. Thank you for posting such excellent vids.
What type of fertilizer application would you recommend for growing lettuce this way?
I started my patio container garden about a month ago when we realized that there were grubs possibly in our garden.
To be on the safe side we transferred our seedlings that we're grown indoors into smart pots and some buckets...
So far so good everything is growing my lettuces and radishes are taking off....
Loved the series
It helped soooo much
Well I loved it and I'm definitely gonna try this. Yes this episode inspired me of growing plants . Hope to c more videos from u
i hate lag when im gardening
Love a guy who loves to plant...already have a lettuce pot growing. .cut it twice ...taste delicious. ..
It’s just as efficient to grow two or three heads of lettuce as it is to fill the pot entirely. The leaves grow back when you pull off the leaves; you don’t have to chop the entire head down. You also get nice full size leaves with a full size lettuce plant; instead of a bunch of short poorly formed leaves. This is the worst tip I find here.
Going on #2 try. 1st one failed...they came up spindly then everything caught a mold second try. A little spindly and pale. have been using grow light on patio. Thinking of moving the thing in to the house for cooler conditions. Help!!!!!!
how do you harvest without killing them?
hello can you grow lettuce in shade area's thanks
I bought everything today and with your video im all set up for my lettuce .. Thank you
I'm 11 and I'm grow ing lettuce , tomatoes, and green beans . But my lettuce died today. It's getting dry and I water it every day. At least my tomatoes and green beans are growing but now I'm sad and crying😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭was it because it's 86° (after the vid) oh I give it 7 hours from 7 am to 2 pm
great information, thanks for sharing!
Keep on farming my brother jah., bless all
I’m growing lettuce in containers especially for my quail pets. Those larvae bugs on them are an amazing treat for my birds as well as the lettuce.
Love, love, love the video! Thanks!
How tall do they have to be before you can safely harvest the leaves?

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