How to Grow Lettuce in Containers - Complete Growing Guide

How to Grow Lettuce in Containers - Complete Growing Guide

That is to many in one pot.
using this method for the first time. I'm right at a week since planting And I've got a Gazzzillion very healthy but very leggy plants coming up. The pot is in a north facing window. Any suggestions? will this hurt my harvestability later on?
Hey big bro!!!! Please notice my comment and answer it , if it's okay with you. What is your current work .because im just curious having a large land to plant on is my big on earth did you earn that...if it's fine talk about yourself so that .you may answer me completely....because if ever i knew that your an agriculturist ...i'm definitely be so hype😁
Thank you! Definitely going to do this!
This is so awesome! I just stumbled across this video looking for a time lapse of lettuce growing and I'm definitely sticking around. I'm a brand new indoor gardener currently living in college dorms and in the summer I'm moving into a third floor apartment so container gardening is a must for me. I'm actually growing lettuce right now! Four little sprouts in one container which is why I was looking for a time lapse (a newbie's best friend I swear, it's so much reassurement that I'm doing it right) but in my next batch I'm gonna try that massive seeding. I'm also growing potatoes right now and I want to grow broccoli and tons of other things so I'll be back!
What do you fertilize your lettuce pots with/how to you fertilize it?
Great video... thanks. After seeing this, I had planted my lettuce (Red and Green leaf) in pots. I'm excited to see the results... cheers!
You da man!
Would this be appropriate technique for Dinosaur Kale?
I find that the young lettuce plants taste bitter. I know they produce a sticky white liquid when cut, and that's where the bitterness comes from. How can I get rid of the bitterness? By watering a lot maybe?
I like his 🐫 toes. Let's see
What about cos lettuce or great lakes
What fertilizer should be used like % of NPK
Lettuces be friends
Im trying to grow indoors for the winter, i’ve started 2 hot pepper plants, lettuce and celery, I think i will do a few more pots of lettuce but the way you showed in this video
Awesome! you give the best garden ideas for those who live in the city. Very Interesting. All the best for your next series.
You inspired me Luke !!!.... going to get seed tomorrow & get on it right away as I need lots of greens for my chickens...Thank you!
Fantastic...explained so well...subscribed...hoping all ur videos r as fantastic n informative

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