How to Grow Lettuce in Containers - Complete Growing Guide

How to Grow Lettuce in Containers - Complete Growing Guide

Make one video at harvest time. Just want to know your successful story.
Living on a farm, our manure compost pile is all we need for growing organic lettuce.
I'm growing my lettuce in a baby pool. I'm only using half (broad cast in the pool) and the other half I've got onions. I'm wondering if they are compatible?
grow big or grow home, beautiful human
Hey. This video has helped me so much. I grabbed a couple of indoor plants and lettuce too. I’m totally clueless when it comes to plants. So iv subscribed your channel to help me. First question. I’m from Pakistan and there are nurseries with no pre packed pot soil so what is the best choice? Can the soil be completely organic for indoor plants and lettuce?
im doing a assignment on lettuce what space condition temperature we need to grow lettuce
this video was very helpfull but can u give me some more info
I had discovered poison ivy in my veggie beds last year so I decided this year to put everything in containers. Only instead of using expensive containers I accepted donations of unwanted plastic storage totes..
Worked out pretty good for this season .. considering the weather.. but now I’m exited to expand next year..
Not only am I repurposing storage totes I’m now repurposing old yoga mats for my walkways..
And yes it was cool to be able to constantly rearrange them..
It has giving me lots of great ideas
If I could attach a few photos I would
I mixed in other types of pots and statuary.. mixed flowers in with my fruits and veggies..

I’m seriously considering planting apple trees in large containers..
Can you do an episode like that?
rabbits in my garden. cheap and easy deterrent.
This is excellent for parrot and reptile owners who want to grow a variety of greens for their animals in a small space, can’t share this enough!
Just started a massive container garden for late fall winter. Was going to do lettuce in row containers but I'll save those for something else as this method seems to be more efficient. Very inspired by your content, thanks.
After watching the video, I went and did a pot just like you did. tested to the soil so I know its loose. Hoping it goes well. I will keep you updated if you like.
What I am growing in containers this year? 3 cherry tomato plants ( they love containers) , 2 brandywine tomatoes (not sure they like containers) , three pepper plants, swiss chard, 2 jalepeno peppers plants, lettuce . I plan on growing some carrots here as well.
I just noticed it looked like you had a bunch of ants crawling
As far as pots go, how do you feel about the felt pots?
The fact you didn't say "lettuce talk about it" I'm sorta disappointed
can I use a grow light vs sunlight? issue is we get hail a lot and scared it will damage the plants
going to start mine today
Thanks for the info. I have taken the end off my lettuce and put it in water and have a small little lettuce plant. Yay! Can I pit the into a lot now and follow your same instruction from there?
This is an awesome idea. We were just thinking of doing our lettuce in containers since the cabbage worms already decimated our spring mix that we planted in the raised bed. Thanks for the great video!
How do u premoisten the soil?

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