How to get started Farming Guide OSRS/2007! Plus is it worth doing farm runs?

How to get started Farming Guide OSRS/2007! Plus is it worth doing farm runs?

U should have made potions cor real profit. Farm and herblore go together through and through.
So, if I have 12-15 hours a day to Farm, how much could I make and how soon could I max?
why would you make the title "how to get started on farming" then start the guide with a requirement of 31.. at least post the quests needed.. horrible guide.
great vid thanks man! I've never done farming before but i decided to give it a shot thanks!
Tree runs are the best XP. This kid has no idea what he's doing. Theres like 3 more herb patches including one that never dies (Trollheim) requires a quest. Search Tree Runs and Herb Runs on youtube and watch a better video.
How do you know When something is finish?
Also why not ardougne too just curious? I do it too myself is it not better to do even Ardougne?
I suck at farming.. never did it.. but this was so well done thanks <3
thanks bro
This is exactly what I needed to start training farming, thanks for the video, very well explained!
Great beginner guide after coming back to the game from so long ago.
How come I get different item when I rake? I only get weed? How come u get something else.
I think it's faster to run from draynor to the falador farming patch than from the falador tele spot, but im not 100% sure
There's also another patch just north of ardy that's super quick to get to with low requirements
Thanks! That really helped me :)
thanks that will help this noob out quite a bit much appreciated
Quest to 31 farming fam :)
why u make a farming guidw with farming 30 ? hahahaaha
This helped me so much!!! Thank you so much this is really the best starting guide. You walked through everything which made it really easy for me to follow your steps and do it myself. Thank you for the guide again and keep up the good work!
do trees if you want quick levels.

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