How to get started Farming Guide OSRS/2007! Plus is it worth doing farm runs?

How to get started Farming Guide OSRS/2007! Plus is it worth doing farm runs?

What’s the different between a super compost and a normal compost?
Thank you for this video :)
"you make 100k a day, super good money" nigga what?!
thank you for taking us through a farm run instead of telling us what to do
Way better than all the others I watched. You actually showed what to do, in stead of telling what to do in general and assume everyone knows this. Thanks a lot.
You’re very good in explaining!
Does this method still work?
U should have made potions cor real profit. Farm and herblore go together through and through.
So, if I have 12-15 hours a day to Farm, how much could I make and how soon could I max?
why would you make the title "how to get started on farming" then start the guide with a requirement of 31.. at least post the quests needed.. horrible guide.
great vid thanks man! I've never done farming before but i decided to give it a shot thanks!
Tree runs are the best XP. This kid has no idea what he's doing. Theres like 3 more herb patches including one that never dies (Trollheim) requires a quest. Search Tree Runs and Herb Runs on youtube and watch a better video.
How do you know When something is finish?
Also why not ardougne too just curious? I do it too myself is it not better to do even Ardougne?
I suck at farming.. never did it.. but this was so well done thanks <3
thanks bro
This is exactly what I needed to start training farming, thanks for the video, very well explained!
Great beginner guide after coming back to the game from so long ago.
How come I get different item when I rake? I only get weed? How come u get something else.
I think it's faster to run from draynor to the falador farming patch than from the falador tele spot, but im not 100% sure

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