How To Claim FREE LAND In America!

How To Claim FREE LAND In America!

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Yes in the US we really Rent our homes and our land from the government because we have to pay property taxes which is our rent to them every year, Land of the free?. Someone told me in England you only pay property taxes when you buy and sell real estate, Don't know if that true or not
The government don't let you have a home, Thay own you're home, they tax the hell out your house, and if you don't pay taxes on the home you payed for, it's will be took from you and sold, so you never own a house or land...
you said you would link the 7 places in your description but there isnt shit there.
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Well it isn’t free, you need to pay property tax.
Is all that free land available to the tangata whenua - Native people who got it stolen from them in the 1st place, to take back, or is it just for you white racist folks to claim
It’s not free you still pay taxes
Ok babydoll. I want some free land. Plz! S.O.M.
In the Canadian prairies we have hundreds if not thousands of towns that supply lots free if you build a house. Well one with empty rotting houses are a big problem here. You could get a old house for practically nothing. 200 bucks!
Lol free?? Yeah sure. They would give ya about an acre. With regulation you must build a spec home on it. And what exactly are you gonna do with approximately 1/4 acre left. Kinda defeats the homestead purpose.
I never see any links down below.
Great info!
Great Britain wants to: KNOW YOUR LOCATION
I thought this video might be about claiming the mining rights to public lands through the bureau of land management. It's basically free land. It replaced the homestead act.
Im just sad how much we have let our government take over our lives and how much they force us to comply. A medicinal plant remains illegal while alcohol is dumped down every Americans throat like its the best thing ever funding the dirtbag illuminati. Weeds illegal because you cant tax God, you cannot tax freedom. Dont you people get it? Our government is abusing our tax dollars and spending them on their own pleasure while we dont get a Got Dayum cent.
very harmonic video

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