How To Claim FREE LAND In America!

How To Claim FREE LAND In America!
The only way your gonna get any land is make a log cabin really really far out in the woods or forest you could claim it but you won't have any say so if someone sees you they probably tell you to leave or you could be on government land or someone's property the land probably won't be free but you would think it would be but at least you would be living your dream
I'm going to try this
Thanks for the info
This is useless
NOTHING is free....except the air you breathe.
Get a job and pay for your own trip.
jon if you are looking to free living we can talk and i give you my knowlegde
iam french so dont laft iam on a projet whit many peapols to do a free living style and its real it works man dont need free land all you need its time and less stres that all your dutty of the day give you at working and making money e you find you free living i wish one day my project will sucsed maybe when i gona be dead but the youger peapol at that time will continu the project and one day it will be real
Whilst the native Americans were on reservations.
Nothing was really free, they were all taxed anyway.
Have a nice day. 😀🌊🏄 Getting a land patent is the best thing you can do in property ownership as it guarantees you and your descendants full ownership and unrestricted use with the bonus of no more property tax.
this was during the obama years.................. when everything fell apart and went down the tubes.
Would you help me if I am trying to get free land?
Also how much land can you take?
What if I am not a citizen but a legal resident?
Ya the USA isn't free anymore.
Can you contact me I have 2 business and are very creative and I think we together we can create employment and so much more
land is useless without clean water

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