How To Claim FREE LAND In America!

How To Claim FREE LAND In America!

Where is the link for free land to bring in 25 jobs I'm interested. what I'd name of this state and county
Yea theres nothing coming good out this damn video hey every one this guy is trying to get us to move some where were people eat each other hick towns yea ok ill just pay for the land .
How can u give what's not yours away?
Seriously,I'm Native American and this is our land so unless your one of us
How can u give what doesn't belong to you away
Shit. Over a million people watched this video, which means some people may have already taken the land
Not free. You'll have to pay taxes on it.
Good luck on free land.BLM claims any land not privately owned.Try dealing with that bunch.Their attitude is akin to self annointed gods over land they claim.Did you vote for them?????
I love the idea of doing the tour of all 50 states including Canada. I don't want you to give up on the dream check out coins of change it may be EXACTLY what ur looking for. On ur way down the coast check out our little city Savannah GA.
No such thing as FREE land..... Low income, poor credit, homestead and agricultural self owner finance possibly..... But down payment, interest rates, and taxes can add up to $25,000 to $50,000 ....... Free land Good luck with that.......
that shirt is kinda cocky with only 130k subs! haha JK I like this video! good info
5 dollar indians selling us back our land they stole...huh! NOTHINGS FREE IN USA...
jon lives in make believe world! since 1933 your all slaves with a bank account and social security slave number, they got rid of all the gold and now you are collateral! you cant live in tent for free anymore! must pay property taxes and lot rent!
Going homeless again in AK. Going to hike in the wilderness and build a subterranean house.
Read a lot of comments here. Sum it.... time for a revolution. God dam government is corrupt.
Squatters rights
Pray in people who are in need , it is sickening! Hard working can’t get enough to live, and the rich never have enough from greed.
U S is greedy, nothing is free, if they say free beware!
Is the a complete list of land available through tjis Act? The locations you mentioned are not any places I'd want to live.
That act was to start towns where that could service military that was there to push the Indians out
What's that over there? Cotton? This dont feel right.
Free land in the middle of nowhere. Yay. . . Now where do I work to pay the bills?

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